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Links à La Mode 33: What Makes You Beautiful?

By Attireclub @attireclub

Hello Attire Club readers,

We have some news! This week, we have been featured on Independent Fashion Bloggers’ list “Links à la Mode” for the 33rd time. The list features the best articles on fashion chosen from a very big selection. We’re always happy to be on their list!

Links a la Mode 33 Attire Club

For those who don’t already know, IFB is a website which has about 60,000 members who own fashion blogs. Each week they make a selection of the best articles about fashion from the articles submitted by the members.

We have been featured 32 times before with these articles:

What We Can Learn From Superheroes

The Fragrance Wheel: Choose Perfumes Like A Pro

What is Haute Couture: 12 Facts

“How your clothes can influence your travel experience”

15 fashion facts

The professional way to choose the colors of your clothes

How to prepare yourself for a job interview: a quick guide

Choose Your Glasses According To Your Face Shape

The Two Sides Of A Coin: Male Body Image Considerations

Dressing Up For Heavy Men

A Guide To The Different Types Of Men’s Jackets Shoulders

Discussions On Men’s Plastic Surgery

16 Creative Ways To Tie Your Laces

17 Fashion Tips From Designers

Criticism And Attacks On Fashion

Discussions On India’s Obsession With Fair Skin

Connecting Fashion And Music

A History Of Costumes: Vintage Halloween Photos

How to incorporate colorful socks in your wardrobe

The Complete Guide To Travel Bags

A Guide To Creating A Lasting And Money-Saving Wardrobe

The Guide To Christmas Gifts For Men

Tips on Being a Good Host

The Best-Dressed Men of 2013

12 Fun Facts About Neck Ties

What Should a Man Wear on a Date?

Oscars 2014: Our Favorite Mens Looks

Les Sapeurs: The Dapper Men of The Congo

Free Time Hobbies for Men

Details About Watches

 Men’s Hair Trends for 2014

The article that got featured on the list this week is:

Mens Mid-Spring Outfits: A Bright Easter

We want to thank again to all our readers, our Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin and Pinterest followers and of course to the people at ifb who made the picks!

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Congratulations to everyone else!

Fraquoh and Franchomme

What Makes You Beautiful?

Links a la mode 33

They say “Beauty comes from within,” but then, why are we constantly trying to perfect our outsides? Beauty issues have been making waves on the internet the past few weeks. What makes us beautiful? What is beautiful? Well, those are some pretty heavy questions and perhaps the answer cliche as it is, you know, coming from within… That “within” also encompasses self-care and self love. This week we have some wonderful beauty posts, along with posts that share the love.

Links à la Mode: April 17th

  • Adorned in Armor: Sisters Need Love Too
  • Also Known as Anuli: Why Don’t You Write a Letter?
  • Aspects of Style: 4 Things Yoga Can Teach Us About Blogging
  • Attire Club: Mens Mid-Spring Outfits: A Bright Easter
  • Bonjourdin: Beauty Crush: Peach
  • Burgundy Whispers: Beauty Bit:  Clarins Skincare
  • Daisychains and Daydreamers: Bournemouth Blogger’s Clothing Swap
  • DressCode:HighFashion: Backstage at Roberto Cavalli 
  • Fashion Tales Blog: The Smart Tech Traveler
  • I Can Style U: Cat Eye vs. Bat Wing
  • Lara Lizard: Beauty Tips From The Ladies of Medieval Europe
  • Nothing 2 Wear Novello: Trending: Flamingos
  • Petite Career Girl: Orange Lip Trend for Less than $10
  • The Coveted: Why Do You Wear Makeup?
  • The Dragonfruit Diaries: 3 Ways to Wear a Bodycon Dress for a Day
  • The Stylist: Best Blogger Hairstyles
  • Trend Survivor: Trend Posting: Sneakers & How to Wear Them
  • Wear it Better: Do You Ever Get Tired of Blogging?
  • We Are Ready Made: Hero of the Week: Phoebe Philo
  • Wild Beauty World: What is Looking Young Anyway?

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Want to be featured in Links à la Mode?

1. Read the clarified rules and submit your links on this page: Links à la Mode.
2. If your link was selected and you need this week’s code, visit this page: Links à la Mode Code.

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