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Link Love (Powered by Plane Food and House Hunting)

By Eemusings @eemusings

Link love (Powered by plane food and house hunting)

The thing that stands out to me most about being back home is not the rain, the familiar accents, or the cars.

It’s the air.

About an hour before we landed, I started sneezing like mad, and have barely stopped since. A day later, it’s pretty obvious that it’s a lot more effort for me simply to breathe here than anywhere else we’ve been in the past six months. (It’s almost summer here, and while our summers are very mild by global standards, it’s definitely not super cold.) My chest feels constricted and in a quiet room, I’m THAT person huffing and sniffling nonstop. Might be time to seek out a doctor.

Continuing on in a slightly depressing vein, we’ve also come home to the news of the death of a guy I went to school with, and this Roastbusters stuff, which is already making headlines round the world.

But happily, there are lots of good things I’ve read recently too! Here’s my picks for this week.

Here’s Cordelia on 15 surefire ways to guarantee a dead end life

Jen Dziura on whether you should lean in to what you love, and Funny About Money on the perils of following your bliss

Figuring Money Out on 20 daily habits of the wealthy

An intriguing discussion on career sponsorship vs mentorship at Publishing Trendsetter

Ashley on reconciling our present selves with our former selves

Afford Anything on how to escape the ordinary, step by step

Get Rich Slowly on learning to bargain

Save Spend Splurge has put together a nice list of wardrobe essentials (male AND female)

Donna reminds us that time is something we can’t do over

Caroline joins me in hating the traveler vs tourist argument

Sydney shares five of her favorite inspirational travel destinations

Michelle ponders the American dream

Finally, APW on what feminism means and why feminism matters. For me, this used to mean shunning pink, and dresses, and pop music, and cooking. Now I’ve come to realize it’s really about doing whatever the hell I want; I can wear lipstick but shun heels, like Mariah Carey AND Metallica, and realize that sucking in the kitchen isn’t actually cute or something to be proud of.

Happy weekends!

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