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By Eemusings @eemusings

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Thanks all for your outpouring of goodwill and support about our travel announcement this week! Now that my employer, parents and YOU guys all know, it now feels real. There’s no going back.

There’s so much to look forward to, but still a lot to be done in the next couple of months. While our flights were all booked before the end of 2012, it’s been a slow burn since then, with me spending far too much time researching crap on the internet and not actually making useful progress. Typical.

What you can expect here: the usual mix of posts going forward – personal finance, food, and yeah, probably a bit of travel talk, as well as more wedding posts as the day approaches.

Beyond that, who knows exactly? The plan lends itself well to all the things I write about: money, food, and travel. I briefly toyed with the idea of starting another separate blog, but have decided to keep everything on here. Ah, the beauty of a personal blog. One thing I’m struggling with is whether to bring my dSLR. Yes, it’s bulky, but the quality is so much better. There’s the risk that I’ll spend too much time trying to take beautiful photos and not enough time actually SEEING things, too.

Here’s a few links to tide you over this weekend:

Mochi and Macarons tells it like it is in a diatribe against the wider PF community (a wakeup call that probably won’t be heeded)

What is your time worth, and are you happy with the choices you’re making, asks Revanche?

Indeed. Personal finance is personal, says Deena Dollars

Amanda’s list of things her parents have said to her is hilarious

If you too love cheesy boy bands, then here are five of the best songs that’ll take you right back in time

Cauliflower pizza crust – now that’s intriguing (via Closet Cooking)

I’ve made cheesecake from mixes before and it’s super easy. Maybe I’ll try a classic lemon cheesecake from scratch one day

This casserole looks lovely and comforting, and is something a little different from the Joy of Caking

Over and out…

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