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Link Love (Powered by Bowling and Butter Chicken)

By Eemusings @eemusings

Link love (Powered by bowling and butter chicken)

I really love my work. As with any job, a certain amount of repetition is involved – that’s necessary to actually build expertise. I write about the same subjects every day, but the specifics of each piece, the details, vary. 

Creating content is awesome. But really, what am I contributing to the world by sitting at a computer all day?

By first world standards, life in NZ can be tough. The cost of living is so high, the property market is insane, it’s a struggle to get ahead. Yet compared to some in the world we have so much.

The part about travel that depressed me the most – and really started to grind on me towards the end – was visiting countries and realising, every time, just how their civilization was built upon slavery, oppression, war. The same was true the world over.

I’ve been working my way through this book on Somalia - very slowly, because it’s not an emotionally easy read. It enrages me and depresses me in equal parts. It’s just unfathomable what some of our fellow human beings have to endure simply for being born in the wrong country.

Like Her Every Cent Counts, right now I’m struggling to reconcile those feelings with my own desire to get ahead in the society I live in. I feel like a terrible person for not wanting to read more books like this (despite the fact that I can’t resist memoirs like Escape from Camp 14) for that reason. 

I realize this is all sort of pointless. Even if I was to go work at a nonprofit, my job would still consist of sitting at a computer because that’s where my skills lie. 

/end ramble

This week’s links


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And my post on surviving a layoff was in the carnival of personal finance

Happy weekends! Looks like I’m going to be cooped up inside – there’s a bit of a rainstorm going on out there.

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