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Line of Inquiry

By Blueoctober @blueoctober__

line of inquiry
Earlier this month I discovered Polyvore... oh dear. Since then I have lost hours to the site, creating outfits a plenty such as the ones above. As I said the other day, top of my birthday list is a pair of white Vans - I've been meaning to buy some for ages, but at £45+ I could never bring myself to make the purchase. I'm still getting back into the 'trainers are fashionable' frame of mind, so forgive me if I sound stingy!  Anyway, in the hope that I do receive some of these beauties for my birthday, this is how I would style them. My favourites are the outfit on the far left, and the far right.  How would you style Vans?! In other news... last night my beloved pooch Tilly went missing. She bolted from my parent's house, and was missing from 6pm until about 9am this morning. Now, although Tilly is a naughty dog, she has never disappeared for such a long amount of time - especially over night. We were all so worried, and it was awful being at the flat (45 minutes from my parents' house) and not being able to help the search. Behind my parents' house there is acres of woodland, lots of rabbit and badger holes which terriers are notorious for getting stuck down, and then infront is more woodland followed by a very busy road. I had horrible images of finding Tilly by the side of a road, or never finding out what happened to her! Luckily, this morning someone called to say they had found her - relieved doesn't come close. Looking forward to a family day tomorrow celebrating birthdays (mine is next week!) and seeing Tilly for a welcome home cuddle! line of inquiry

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