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Lindsey Graham Has Another Stupid Idea

Posted on the 18 July 2013 by Jobsanger
Lindsey Graham Has Another Stupid Idea I swear some of our politicians don't bother to think before they speak. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) has decided he knows what to do about document leaker Edward Snowden being in Russia (and possibly being granted asylum there). He thinks the United States should punish itself by boycotting the next Winter Olympic games (scheduled to be held in Russia).
Does he really think Putin will care very much whether we show up to compete or not? He really doesn't strike me as the type of ruler who can be forced to capitulate by a country acting like a three year old (who wants to hold his/her breath until the parents give in).
The only thing that would be accomplished by refusing to participate in the next Winter Olympics would be to disappoint hundreds of athletes who have been preparing for that for many years -- and deny some of them the only opportunity to compete on that stage that they will ever have.
Doesn't he remember the last time we tried something that ridiculous, back in 1980. It accomplished nothing -- except to embarrass this country before the world and deny hundreds of athletes the opportunity to compete. We need to nip this idea in the bud -- before some other idiots in Congress start thinking it's a good idea.

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