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Lindsay Lohan and Other Cancerians.

By Eugeniusgenius @eugenius_genius
Lindsay Lohan and other Cancerians. This is my first article about a celebrity and trust me, Lindsay Lohan is one. There is an expression stating that sometimes "art imitates life", in Lindsy's case life imitated what should've been art.
For the last few years I found myself helpless at doing something to help and just kept reading trashy news about her but not once I let them influence my own opinion. It's easy to take shots at somebody rather than looking at yourself in the mirror, your life isn't perfect or so you may think and yet you point so easily at others' lives.
I believe she's a talented actress and singer, she's a woman of many talents and yet we let her rep sheet define her. It's easy to judge but not once you put yourself in her shoes to talk a few miles and see for yourself how difficult and sometimes overwhelming it is to live in the constant spotlight.
I don't know her very well, I may even say I don't know her at all but what I do know is that luck left her many years ago and nowadays it seems that step by step it's finding its way back to her, don't know what happened, maybe she kissed somebody and gave all her luck away. She deserves every bit of what she has achieved over the years, and she deserves to get back all the things that she has lost too, and that would be her confidence and self-esteem.
Me and Lindsay have something in common, and what many other people have as well, we were born in July, and what I know about people born in July is that they don't like to be pushed to do something that they don't like, you need to ask them, sit down, discuss and find a common language. For a cancerian it's never easy to start all over, the past will always be with us (cancerians), some us learn to live with it sooner, some of us learn to live with it later but it's something we eventually learn. We need to be heard even if most of the time we say nothing, some may say we speak a foreign language, a language that we invented just to feel special, just to catch up for what we have missed.
Something that we don't receive very well is being judged and criticized, but we do receive feedback very well, instead of pointing out at what we did wrong you may as well as suggest how we can do it better, something most of the people can't really do.
We are both, weak and strong, we are vulnerable and powerful, we can adjust but we'll always know what is wrong and we will never go along with that. I believe that every cancerian is born with the sense of good and wrong by default, it is something we don't need to be taught, we're also pretty wise, our psychological age is way ahead of our biological one.
We make mistakes, like any other people, but we learn from them, and learning is a process where we need to have somebody by our side, we can be alone long periods of time, but we also need to have somebody, I guess we are nobody until we have somebody.
Also, what I have noticed  is that all cancerians like at least one form of art: cinematography, music, painting, photography and many others. We will choose at least one and bring it to perfection using our own life experiences, 'cause another thing I believe is that we went through anything, through our own eyes or through others' eyes. We will laugh when it is about laughing, and we will cry when it's about crying and we won't make excuses for that, we are sincere, kind and caring.
I'm not saying you mustn't take shots at us, but careful, someday you'll come for forgiveness or will secretly desire it but you'll not get it 'cause me, for instance, I never forgive or forget, I used too in the past, now I don't, my threshold for pain caused by others is pretty low right now and most certainly it will never recover for acceptable levels but it's doesn't necessarily mean it will be different with others. Making mistakes and causing pain intentionally it's not something you need to gamble with, with every pain you caused you lower their threshold.
Cancerians need to be accepted for they are, all people need to be accepted for what they are, some of us may not care but us cancerians we always do, we always care, and we don't need to be asked to care less, simply trust us, we know better, we do better on our own.
And now back to Lindsay, she made her share of mistakes, and I do believe that most of those mistakes were not her fault, she didn't have the kind of support she needed, she wasn't heard, she was bullied, she was under attack of the press and people she knew, she had her share of crappiness, enough for one lifetime. I really want her to turn her life around and give the world a lesson of how it's done, a comeback to remember, she should reinvent herself, start all over, or simply to follow her intuition, a 6th sense every cancerian is know for. She just needs to follow her inner voice, something that not every person has. She has all the power to change her life and change some other lives too.
She can do magic, just wait for it.
And I'm saying that not only about her, but about me too. Only now she has one more person to believe in her, now she doesn't need to do it alone.
Good luck and always remember your fans, some of them truly root for you.

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