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Lightwork for the Sequoia Trees

By Angellightheart @engelencoaching

The sequoia trees in California are true wonders of the world. Unfortunately they are currently threatened by the wildfires. As such I would like to invite all Light workers to send their Light and loving intentions to these magnificent trees.

Lightwork for the sequoia trees

I have translated the text I wrote about them in one of my Dutch Publications:

Sequoias are ancient mammoth trees that stretch out to the stars. You could say that the sequoias are true masters among the tree beings. They are ‘Elders’ from Earth and they grow in communities. Sensitive people and Lightworkers feel their sacred energy as they walk past their immense red trunks. They symbolize safety and well-being. They are sometimes known as the phoenix amongst the trees with their great strength and their ability to withstand fire and other conditions. They sure need this strength as the fires rage through California.

Their symbolic meanings are also vision, perspective, health, sustainability and longevity. These beautiful trees go back to Lemuria. Sequoia trees stimulate intuitive development and provide insight into past lives. They are the ‘Record Keepers’ of the plant kingdom. They stimulate you to bring the Light of your own Soul into your being. The sequoia’s vision of spirituality is very simple: Begin. It doesn’t all have to be done in one lifetime. Take your time and grow steadily.

The giant sequoias were revered by the more enlightened people during Lemuria and Atlantis. In doing so, they were seen not so much as useful ‘things’ (as is often the case in how trees are viewed today) but as intelligent, divine beings. The Lemurians knew that the giant sequoias radiated a complex energy frequency that brought rejuvenation and well-being. Many of their healing therapies and ceremonies took place around the redwoods.

The sequoias remind you that everything is connected through matrices of Light. Like these ancient wise trees, you (and any Lightworker) can plug into the matrices of Light. The sequoias tell you that they are like huge antennas for cosmic Light, but that we Lightworkers can be too. In this way we can bring together earth healing and cosmic Light within ourselves.

Lightwork for the sequoia trees

As firefighters are wrapping the sequoia’s in aluminum foil in the hopes of saving them, let us all come together and send Light to these magnificent beings and to the are in whichever way works. Let us wrap them in loving and protective energy. Some ideas:

  1. You can simply send Light and Love to the redwoods in California.
  2. Imagine that a huge, protective dome of Light is placed around the entire area to keep all living things in the area safe.
  3. You can pray for rain, safety and wellness in the whole area.
  4. You can draw your Lightwork even wider to the climate on our Earth and envision it as moderate, balanced and with a healthy atmosphere for all.
  5. Visualize the new Earth and envision the redwoods and sequoia’s there taking back the central place they had during Lemuria.
  6. Do what you can to help the climate.
  7. Stay grounded in your own Light. The more of us that raise their vibration, the healthier the planet will be, including the climate and sequoia’s.

Bright blessings


Lightwork for the sequoia trees

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