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Light Sabres in the Living Room

By Expatmum @tonihargis
I go back and forth on this issue - How tidy should I expect my living room to be when still have a small child with toys? I mean, is there any point in even trying to keep it tidy?
Light Sabres in the Living RoomI mean, look. I have artfully arranged cushions in beautiful fabrics, and there are two (co-ordinating) baskets - full of light sabres, spoiling everything. Oh, and a dog cage right in the middle too.
Like many American houses, we have a family room and a more formal room (that is hardly ever used). This is the family room so I should really lower my standards somewhat. I mean, it's not as if we have armies of guests trouping through the house every day.
But sometimes I think it would be nice not to have to watch TV sitting in between a couple of boxes of Lego and a pile of video games.
Light Sabres in the Living RoomHere it is from the opposite angle. If you look really carefully, you can see tons of teeny lego pieces on a ledge under the window.
And then there's the eternal question. Should I even bother to tidy it up (or have him tidy it up) when it's all going to come out again the next day? Although standing on a piece of Lego is to be avoided at any cost.

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