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Light Over the City

By Luphil

When seeing the lights of the Christmas illuminations during the last weeks, a painting done nearly 23 years ago came back to my mind – “Light over the City.” It was done in February 1987, dissolved in 1997, and digitally restored from a photo in 2013.

I was trying to portray the “light”, which here comes from above and shines all over and through the city – a vision of an enlightened society, but at the same time full of apocalyptic inklings, which are shaking in the underground.

I was fascinated of the inter-penetration of spiritual energies and everyday life. The scenery contains elements from the old town of Münster, Germany, where I lived for years; and the figure of the Eiffel tower together with the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

A sentence for this came to me yesterday during the morning walk – “May the light in space guide us safely over the bridge crossing the madness of our time!” The light in space is the manifestation of the subtle world touching us when we open ourselves.

A very blessed Christmas and much momentum for 2020!

Light over the City
“Light over the City”, 1987

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