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Lifelong Learning – Shackles, Regret and Opportunity

Posted on the 03 November 2011 by Combi31 @combi31

As supposedly free-thinking beings we tend to amble through our early lives under the automatic assumption that our learning routes will always stimulate or provide ample financial remuneration. The opportunity for honest reflection upon these choices often weaves doubt, and even renders regret. It becomes apparent that perhaps choice was an illusion, a career a shackle, a mission a failure.Career and life choices are often limited by poverty, race, culture, demographics and misplaced emotion or advice. You will find that most solicitors, barristers and judges originate from middle class families. Men from mining districts tend to become miners, and abused children tend to struggle at school. There are a multitude of examples where social and economic factors have suppressed talent, limited choice and constrained ambition.People very often make such reflections when realising that they hate their job, or even themselves. You never knew that you were making the right career choice at the time, it was probably conditioning at work. For many it all works out fine, but for most the regret is stark. Your postcode is often a barrier to progress, and the way you speak is frequently the unmentioned reason why you did not get that job you so wanted. People have made instant judgments about you, often unfairly.Do not despair though. Learning is lifelong and life is brimming with opportunity for change and stimulation. You can make tangible changes by losing weight or getting fit, but these are not life changing in their own right. The mind rules the body, and the mind determines everything about you and your success. Look after that precious mind of yours. Exercise it well, because it is a potent weapon when it is sharp. This weapon was always yours, but was neglected and underestimated.Open your eyes and mind to new learning. Read more widely, and do not judge a book by its cover or a personality by a face. All that regret is there for a reason, to prompt you to think and plan for change. After all, you want that job or knowledge which will invigorate and inspire you. Your life here on earth is over when you are dead, and not before. There is so much that you can do and learn. In my next article I will show you how you can follow 10 top tips to sharpen your mind and remove those chains.Author: Charles AttenboroughArticle Source: EzineArticles.comProvided by: Guest blogger

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