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Life's A Drag... Jane McDonald, France S2 & Wuhan’s Guanggu!

By Josephharrison1990 @JTAH_1990

Drag in all forms continues to entertain me and keep me going, I live for every reference and form of entertainment. From 'Drag Race France S2' to 'Cruising With Jane McDonald', there's always something for me to appreciate. Even a place can exude it's own Drag personality, 'Guanggu, Wuhan', I'm talking about you! Oh, 'Drag Race Mexico' served it up good and proper! 

Life's A Drag... Jane McDonald, France S2 & Wuhan’s Guanggu!

'Cruising With Jane McDonald' gave me so much life during the Lockdown period, it brought travel and a true 'Cruising' icon onto my screen and for that escapism I will always be thankful! From the Caribbean to Alaska, Jane's adventures always brought a serving of camp for all who have watched her shows. I especially love her ability to find fellow Yorkshire people whilst she scours the four corners of the globe on one of those cruise ships. Once a cruise ship singer herself, there's nothing more 'outrageous' to witness when Jane lip syncs along to her pre-recorded cover song. Those 'end of show' performances help us remember the highlights of that episode and the ship she had called home for the duration of that itinerary. Jane has been very open about her love for cruising around the world, for me that truly shone through when she revisited some of her most favorite Caribbean islands. Jane loves a cruises and for that I love Jane's traveling spirit because I also love to travel! A new adventure? Let's holiday with Jane! 

'Holidaying with Jane McDonald' also brightened those Lockdown evenings, I remembered escaping with Jane as she had jetted off to Mexico with her friend. She took us around all the hottest places and I loved that she stayed in 'Puerto Vallarta!' PV is Mexico's most famous Gay tourist destination, located on the Pacific Coast, of course I loved that attention to her fan-base.  Staying in an 'All Inclusive Resort' gave me the perfect vision of my future visit to Puerto Vallarta, getting on the margarita's she did! Turning from beachfront to jungle in a matter of minutes, Jane took me on one hell of an adventure during her quad bike excursion! There's nothing camper having a holiday played out on television because you all know that this shows pays mind to 'Wish You Were Here!' 'Jane McDonald' has reignited a future-proof version of that famous former travel documentary show! Thankfully both cruising and holiday shows contain a finale lip-sync performance by Jane in the destination! Oh, I need to catch up on Jane! 

Life's A Drag... Jane McDonald, France S2 & Wuhan’s Guanggu!

Returning like every premium reality series should, 'Drag Race France, S2' came back into my life on the 30th of June 2023. Eleven queens entered the all new 'Drag Race France' Werk Room with something new for us to experience, the first ever 'Swiss' contestant! 'Moon' from Geneva 'Suissed Up Our Lives!' Drag double act 'Rose' and 'Punani' both entered the Werk Room without each others knowledge, a true surprise! France's first 'Asian' queen made their debut, serving 'French Vietnamese' overness, I was very glad to see 'Kitty Space' take up space! 'Ginger Bitch' brought wisdom and hilarity to the second French saison. Hailing from 'Ivory Coast', two stunning queens brought very different things to the show! Representing 'Côte d'Ivoire' en France, 'Mami Watta' and 'Keiona' changed the game! 'Cookie Kunty' brought a frozen charm to the competition for sure. 'Vespi' and 'Piche' bought very different looks, serving excellence throughout! Bordeaux's own 'Sara Forever' proved to be a complete Drag genius! Lé-Gen-Daire!

I was invested from the very first episode, I loved seeing 'Nicky Doll' back on the Main Stage and behind the judging panel. The comedy roast allowed us to see 'Ginger Bitch' be very shady towards the queens from 'Season One' but it was all with love! France's own 'Rusical' served 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' with winning performances from several queens, it truly amazed me! The morning television challenge incorporated a cooking challenge, embodying the pure chaos of it all. France kept bringing it, I especially loved the make-over episode with the rugby players letting it all go! We were treated to an amazing live finale from Paris, embodying the grandeur of the American series. All of the former queens were featured on that finale stage, it was great to see them shine once again. As 'Paloma' stepped down as winner, 'Keiona' rightfully put on her crown and picked up her sparkling sceptre! I personally can't wait to see the rumoured French queens represent France on 'RuPaul's Drag Race: UK VS The World, S2!' Oui! 

Life's A Drag... Jane McDonald, France S2 & Wuhan’s Guanggu!

Glowing up like a 'Ru-girl' from a regular season to 'AllStars', Wuhan's Guanggu World Pedestrian Street has literally risen from the ground up! Returning in 2023 allowed me to see this corner of Wuhan serve a whole new vibe whilst she held onto her larger 2017 essence. Lit up by countless neon lights, I wasn't surprised to see those colourfully lit shop front in the round. Like any debut season through to a well established airing, Guanggu's Optics Valley Square practically had its 'Werk Room' extended and then some. No more did I have to stay in an 'Interior Illusions' like holding area because I upgraded that former apartment and 2018 hotel with a rather 2023 Lumo Road residence. Back on the street, Guanggu requested her own fan to cool us down because the August heat saw us gasping for a cold drink, it was sweltering! Guanggu had been sent back to the 'Werk Room' to consider her life, this 2023 call back saw her serving 'All Winners' Realness with that 'debut' energy! 'World City Plaza' she better don't! No!

Like a 'unconventional materials' makeover challenge, Guanggu's Spanish Street continued to serve a rather 'gawdy nature' with those less than natural features. Imitating a whole European style avenue, I really think 'Spanish Style Street' needs to 'Lip Sync for her Life!' With bags of artificial personality, there's always a dead cert that Guanggu always stays because she's never going to 'Sashay Away!' Yes, that 'AllStars' glow up saw me clocking the underground walkway from 'Optics Valley International Plaza' to 'World City Plaza'. It had me wondering how much hard work this 'messy queen' had been doing since I had last visited in 2018? I wanted to know! I always loved the unapologetic nature that Guanggu would always serve during my days living there, she would always be doing the most on the hottest days of the year! With her timeless style and constant upgrades, this Wuhan supreme has to be my 'Miss Congeniality' because brings it to us every ball!  Like any 'Drag Race' ru-turnee, 'Guanggu Square' will be back! 是的! 

Life's A Drag... Jane McDonald, France S2 & Wuhan’s Guanggu!

Mexico had something to say! 'Drag Race Mexico' debuted eleven queens across twelve episodes, serving two judging hosts in 'Valentina' and 'Lolita Banana'. Valentina had graced the U.S Race on two previous occasions, showing her stardom to the world through those two runs on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' & 'AllStars 4' set the foundations for her 'Drag Race Mexico' judging and hosting natural promotion. Lolita Banana had been introduced to us through the debut season of 'Drag Race France', this Mexican dancing firecracker had us under her spell from the very first French Drag Race episode! Announced together after much speculation, both Valentina and Lolita presented themselves as both judges on the Main Stage and mentors in the Werk Room. Commissioned by 'World of Wonder' and co-produced alongside 'Paramount +', there's at least three seasons and an 'AllStars' supposedly in the pipeline? 'Drag Race Mexico' don't tempt me with a good time! Enough of this, I am so ready to introduce the amazing queens from 'Mexico!' 

Incorporating elements of Mexican culture, this debut season served both 'Quinceañera' looks on the runway with 'El Día de los Muertos' celebrated during a 'Mini Challenge'. 'Dragpulco Shore: The Rusical' showcased the vocals and acting prowess of 'Queen Of The Universe', 'Regina Voce!' 'Miss Vallarta', 'Vermelha Noir', 'Pixie Pixie' and 'Serena Morena' sashayed away during the first few weeks of the contest once those eliminations actually took place! 'Argennis' and 'Margaret Y Ya' made it short of the finale with 'Lady Kero' scooping 'Miss Simpatía' at the very last moment! Storming their way to the finale, 'Matraka' won my heart with her uniquely Mexican concepts and youth. 'Gala Varo' exposed one ball too many but showcased such a vulnerability. With her call from 'RuPaul', 'Regina Voce' sailed through to the grand finale without any issues, truly a talent! Taking the crown for her family, Drag genius 'Cristian Peralta' sustained such a high level of Drag throughout the competition! Bring on 'Drag Race Mex, S2!'

¡Quinceañera En La Pasarela!

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