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Life Lesson From Rod Stewart

Posted on the 02 September 2011 by Musicaddictguy

Roderick David Stewart or known widely as Rod Stewart is sure one of legendary figure in pop music industry. Started his career in early 1960’s, this guy already sold 100 million record worldwide, making him one of the best selling artist of all the time. Q Magazine and Rolling Stones magazine even listed him on the “100 Greatest Singers of All the Time”. Rod Stewart was estimated to have a fortune of 115 million pounds, making him one of the richest persons in British music industry. He placed his name on Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1997, and he even awarded CBE in 2007 new year’s honours.
You might ask, did he really deserve to get so many fortunes? The answer is absolutely yes. He is known to be a hard worker guy, started his career on 1960’s as a silk screen printer, a newspaper delivery boy, a grave digger (yikes!), a fence erector, joined a third division football club, and somehow landed as a singer. He performed best in last job, but it didn’t come as easy as we thought.
Did you know that in his first years he was rejected in a music audition by a record producer? Did you know that he once slept under bridges over Seine River in Paris in an attempt to entered music industry in Paris, and in 1963 even deported from Spain? However all this struggle remarks the beginning of one of the most prolonged pop music career in Britain. He never gave up, his great talent discovered by a music industry, and he made a (very) good living since then.
I must admit, I got this blog idea from one of his famous song “Some Guys Have All the Lucks”. I guess most of us has jealous to someone else because he has better life or richer than we are. I was once in position of jealous guy, just because other people have better life than I am. This song remind us that instead of jealous to others, it’s better keep our head up and work harder then ever. I failed with my previous blog, just because I was too selfish and lazy to maintain my blog. Now I built this blog as a service to you, all my reader, to keep in touch to adult pop music and to entertain you all. So ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my blog!

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