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Life is Colorful!

By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge

Holi, a festival of colors is celebrated all over India, particularly in the northern region more. It is a festival where two enemies can become friends forever. People in my surroundings and everywhere are covered all over with all sorts of colors. There are many varieties available in the market. Some sell herbal colors, some don't. Also not to forget, the famous dish of this festival known as Ghujiya.  It's very delicious, I must say.
Overall it is a very nice experience to play Holi with everyone as it gives us all a chance to have a sort of get together which otherwise seems almost impossible. Thanks to our tech savvy population.
It's been around 4 years that I have stopped playing Holi. The reason being it gets more and more dirty. People have started using grease and other harmful toxic chemicals. I agree oil comes to the rescue but still it's not that safe nowadays. Balloon fighting is a trend in Holi but what if people start shooting eggs and other vegetables on you?
It is a very good festival as far as a get together is concerned but sometimes it gets nasty. Let me share one experience. It happened  six years back. I was playing Holi with few kids around at my house. As usual, we had a bucket full of balloons. We all were throwing them at the passerby people.
One of my friends shot at a person and suddenly it was a miss. It hit him directly beside his left eye. My friend was very happy that it was a direct hit, but something happened. That fellow after walking a few distance, fell down. We immediately ran downstairs to look into the matter. I was very worried as I was afraid that I would be getting a scolding from my parents.
He laid there unconscious. People gathered all around him shouting and screeching. Some were saying abusive words for us. I paved my way through the crowd only to make things even worse than ever for us. He was bleeding profusely. We had no choice but to rush him immediately to the nearby hospital. Our parents gave us the scolding which we all deserved at that moment. I was praying deep in my heart to god, just wanted him to make things alright as before. To my surprise, doctors came and told us that all was fine and we need not worry. That day I decided that I will never ever throw balloons on Holi. Just simple colors and that's it. One more thing he told us. The man was drunk. He was high on Bhaang which is another specialty of this festival.
My humble request to all is that Festivals are meant to be celebrated, not to hurt others. So please celebrate with joy and love. Play safe this time and every time in future. Hope you have a safe one.

I wish all of you out there a safe and colorful holi, happy Holi. Let's make life colorful!

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