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Life is a Highway

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

Each and every day we should bring joy to all in creative ways. Life can be tricky even a bit sticky at times and everyone has struggles but if we come together in hopes of bettering ourselves we can build others up as well. Here are some things to think about and wish for you to try. These suggestions are from Michelle, the author of the excellent blog

There are different languages and actions not everyone understands except the one at which is known and understood world-wide, that is a smile. So smile at the cashier who works day and night to provide all she can for her single family , smile at the gentleman on the side walk who seems to be having a difficult day. Pass along a smile you will see it carry you a mile.

  1. Go for a spin. I don’t know but I’ve been told the grass isnt really greener at the other side of the pole…there are twists and turns with every fire that burns .. Use caution is my way of motion , sitting still gets you to where you’ve already been .. Choose the path that may spin but in the end you will always win. So take a free spin with the windows down and look all around at the beauty.
  2. We all have social media websites these days . It is a easy way to connect with people from all walks of life. Sometimes we use it as a diary or in negative ways. So today use it to create an inspirational status , or happy thoughts showing gratitude for your many blessings.
  3. There are times when things get a bit shaky at home or at the office . Use today to stand up for yourself and do not be afraid to speak your peace. As long as you keep a respectful attitude as well as an understanding heart , your day will be filled with greatness from positivity.
  4. Last but not least on the list of daily chores for a happier living is love. Love comes in different forms . Which ever way you chose whether you choose to send your old college friend a missing you card , or sending your loved one a bouquet of flowers . Make sure you let all who matters to you know how much they are loved. We all get busy and tend to forget that we are never guaranteed tomorrow so use your time wisely and sparingly.

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