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Life in Delhi Metro

Posted on the 09 June 2011 by Ajvats @branderful
I like to start by stating that this post has nothing to do with a popular Bollywood movie with a similar title. It is all about my experiences of  a Metro ride, which i felt is few interesting hours of my life that's why i termed it as Life in Delhi Metro.

Few Emotions:-

•   Revenge:-A guy after having an argument with another person pressed the emergency button which stalled the train by half an hour, pretty frustrating.
•   Unity:- A stronger guy slapped a teenage guy as he thought he is not giving him space to enter the train(there wasn’t any space left ) the guy after being slapped stood still & didn’t respond ; later everybody in the coach united & asked the stronger guy to apologize or he would be pushed out of the train.

•   Ignorance:-  Ladies, old men, first timers struggling to understand the system, Ladies generally straddling on the elevators(still) as they feel their sari would come in the elevator. Old man struggling to understand how to enter into the platform, what to do with the token basically, First time boarders struggling to understand the route and where & when to board & deboard.

•   Desperation: Young majnus trying to enter the women’s compartment or least stand near the rear end of the coach seeing their act of desperation was actually funny but no doubt should be dealt seriously.

Life in Delhi Metro is interesting, where people of varying background, class, strata & age fight for a place to sit, not everyone though but most of them.  Where people want to show their macho-ness by standing anywhere they want to & create their own line (I think they have taken the dialogue “Robert hum jaha khade ho jaate hain line wahi se shuru hoti hai” very seriously). 

Where people give their seats to person who needs it more than they do, where people are always ready to guide & help any non-delhite who approach them, the metro ride is fascinating & full of surprises for sure. Any Person coming to Delhi must take a ride, my personal recommendation free of charge.
Life in Delhi Metro
 Metro’s Ride! Delhi’s Pride! 

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