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LIFE: Happy Birthday to Me!

By Aworldfullofprettiness
Yup, as you've guessed from the title, it's my birthday today, and I'm a full 29 years old. Sometimes I still feel quite young when I say my age, then other times, when I imagine all those years on a timescale, its a pretty long time that I've been around!
As you're reading this I will be gallivanting my way round Disneyland in Paris. I'm excited but secretly anxious because I know I will compare it to Disneyland in Florida and probably be a little disappointed, but I'm going to try and embrace it and accept the fact that any theme park in Florida is obviously going to be better than anywhere.. in the world probably?
I remember hitting about 22/23 when birthdays began feeling like 'just another day'. Every few hours I'd have to remind myself 'its my birthday today!'. I've always been one to organize something on my birthday and tell myself that this will not last much longer should a child come along so I try and make the most of it. The last few years I've kept them pretty simple between just me and my boyfriend. For a few years running we'd go to Meadowhall for the day shopping, then go for a nice meal in the evening.
This year I've been a bit crafty. My boyfriend has pretty much banned me from going abroad because we've had 2 'grand' holidays in the space of 9 months so 2012/2013 was a pretty expensive year for us. We originally settled on going to London for my birthday as I love the city and what it has to offer, however I was aware that by the time we'd spent a few days in the city, hotel, travel, entertainment, food etc, we may as well have gone abroad for the same price. I took it upon myself to book us a few days in Paris, just so I could get my travel fix and see somewhere new. Luckily Paris was on my boyfriends list of places to see as well, so it wasn't a purely selfish choice! I managed to pay roughly around the same price as what I would have done for a few days in London. 1 of the Disneyland tickets I purchased with my Tesco clubcard points so that saved us approx £50.
Sometimes I think going to Paris is a pretty 'grand' thing to do on your 29th birthday if you're not exactly loaded with money, so I should have really waited till my 30th next year to have a bit more of an 'excuse', but what the hell.. I've already got plans for that too!
I'm sure I'll have a few birthday pictures ready for when I come back, so keep your eyes peeled!
LIFE: Happy Birthday to me!

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