Life Changing Books – 8 Books That Will Change Your Life

Posted on the 13 June 2020 by Lina Twaian @linatwaian2

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Life Changing Books – 8 Books That Will Forever Change Your Life.

Books have been keeping people enthralled for centuries. They have been used as an escape into a different world, to teach empathy, to allow people to travel to destinations unseen, and to teach real-world applications. A book is truly a piece of magic that can sit nicely on your shelf.

Life Changing Books - 8 Books Will Change Your Life Forever

No matter what genre you chose to read on a regular basis, there are some books that can change your outlook on life, your view of other people, and even your view of yourself.

This list contains a few of those life changing books, and you should definitely find the time to read them as soon as possible.

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Synopsis: A memoir written about surviving Nazi death camps, and Frankl’s time spent inside four of them, including Auschwitz. Frankl survived to become a psychiatrist, but his wife, parents, and brother did not. The book also covers how to cope with suffering and find meaning in life’s experiences.

Why it will change your life: The horrific experiences endured by Frankl will sit with you reminding you how easily these types of atrocities can happen, but it will also show you the power of the human spirit


The Bright Hour: A Memoir of Living and Dying by Nina Riggs

Synopsis: Riggs writes about her simple day-to-day goings on at the end of her life. As she slowly succumbs to breast cancer, she muses on the simple choices of what to wear for Halloween or the purchase of a new couch. It is about one woman’s attempt to not let cancer destroy her thriving spirit even at it destroys her body.

Why it will change your life: Even though the story ultimately ends in the death of the storyteller, it is not a book about loss but a book about the power of love, this is one of greatest life changing books.

The Bright Hour- A Memoir of Living and Dying by Nina Riggs

Walden by Henry David Thoreau

Synopsis: This literary classic is a record of the author’s attempt to live simply.

Why it will change your life: Thoreau will cause you to think about your life, and it will inspire you to live more consciously and with purpose.

Walden by Henry David Thoreau

The Clarity Cleanse by Habib Sadeghi

Synopsis: This book outlines the 12-step program that Sadeghi employed to help heal from testicular cancer. It is a guide to deal with the emotional struggles in life that hold you back from reaching your full potential.

Why it will change your life: Learning about Sadeghi’s experience dealing with his cancer will help you make a plan for clearing your mind. His approach for handling negativity and the people who bring it into your life will change your mindset.

The Clarity Cleanse by Habib Sadeghi

The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli

Synopsis: This book explores the way humans reason and explains how to recognize errors in thinking.

Why it will change your life: It will teach you a practical approach for dealing with the decisions that have to be made in your life, and it will define the errors in your way of thinking.

The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Synopsis: Kahneman is a renowned cognitive psychologist, and this book explores the two systems that are responsible for human thought. It explores the effect of cognitive biases and the inability to predict exactly what will make a person happy.

Why it will change your life: This book will change the way you think.


Judgement Detox by Gabby Bernstein

Synopsis: A spiritual guide in six-parts that looks at how judgements can be toxic for your life, and how the negativity in the mind can block you from the life you truly were meant to have.

Why it will change your life: This book will teach you how to get rid of judgment and negative thoughts thus bringing positive benefits to every part of your life.


The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal

Synopsis: McGonigal uses her Stanford University psychology course as the basis for this book where she explains the science of gaining self-control and how to use that self-control to get the life that you desire. This is a great book for a new year new me resolution.

Why it will change your life: This book teaches you how to maintain self-control and even increase your personal willpower.


Now that you have a hefty list of life-changing books, it is time to get down to business and start reading. Most can be found at your local library, online bookstore, or even be downloaded to listen to on your daily commute. Expand your horizons, challenge the way you think, and explore what it means to be human in the varied world.

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