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Lhasa Petik Talks About Transitions With ‘Fading’ and More

Posted on the 12 June 2018 by Entertainmentjolt @Entertain_Jolt

Being an up and coming artist is a lot of work but Lhasa Petik makes it easy with her latest single, Fading.

Along, with a new single she is also gearing up to release a debut album.  With all that in the works, we were lucky enough to sit down with Lhasa and find out all about her latest music.

You just released the single Fading. Can you tell our readers the message of the song?

Fading is a track that has stood the test of time as I have grown and matured both musically and personally since writing it. I wrote it in grade nine when I was going through a lot of internal turmoil, as a way of acknowledging the people in my life that were there to pick me up when all hell broke loose. Although cheesy and cliche, Fading is about the quality people and friendships that sometimes unexpectedly come into your life, that encourage you to push yourself every day.

What inspired you to write Fading?

Fading, being one of my first songs, was written in a huge transition period in my life. At the end of my grade nine year, many of my friends moved away to bigger and better places, leaving me confused and unsure of where these changes would take me. Most significantly, my best friend moved to Alabama, hence the line “run away to Alabama or maybe Louisiana.” It was a big turning point for my view on relationships, as I realized that people would start frequently coming in and out of my life. It is a bit of a shout out to the people that had my back, but also a longing for someone to always be there to “bring a bottle of Jack.”

Your debut album will released later this year. Can you tell us the theme of the album?

The album is based around the dreams, desires and fears that hit you in the depths of the night. As I was writing it, I was able to process my emotions and experiences, including first love, first heartbreak, and my first taste of independence. As well as writing about my experiences at home, I decided that I wanted to take influence from the places that I have traveled to, including Africa, Australia and Europe. I tried to use vivid imagery, to take myself back to the trips that have shaped me as an individual, but also to make a more diverse and unique sound.

Are you able to tell us the title of the album?

The title of the album is Midnight Dreams, as I spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out whether I was actually awake, or just lucid dreaming. As my insomnia was at its peak, I found my songwriting also became more productive.

What is your favorite song off the album?

I think the single that is closest to my heart has to be Fine Wine. It is the first song that I have ever written, and it has been very interesting seeing how much it has changed and evolved over the years.

Is there a certain memory you have while making this album?

I have had so many memories connected to this album, both good and bad. However, my most vivid memory took place in Africa. I had the incredible privilege of traveling to the Okavango Delta, alongside a handful of other travelers and local guides. The Delta, being one of the most isolated and remote places in the world was eerily quiet. I have the most distinct memory of looking up at the star speckled sky, and hearing only the crackling of a fire, and hippos in the distance. In that moment, my entire being was just flooded with emotion, and everything was put into perspective. Although it sounds a bit crazy, it was probably the most pivotal moment in my life.I think all the songs that were written after that experience became much more mature and have a lot more depth to them.

Lhasa Petik Talks About Transitions With ‘Fading’ and MoreDo you have the next single off the album picked out yet? If so are you able to tell us the name of it?

I will actually be releasing a single that is not off the album fairly soon. Vices, is a track that was very clearly inspired by my trip to Spain, as it has a strong flamenco theme, along with some jazz and pop vibes.

Will you be performing live soon? If you are where and when can people see you?

Although I do not have many performances planned yet, I hope to get into performing more as we near the end of 2018. However, my closest performance is at the WInnipeg Folk Festival in July, on the Young Performers stage.

What made you want to get into music?

Honestly, music has been a part of my life for 14 years, and it just kind of happened pretty naturally. My dad was in a band when he was younger, and my mom frequently sings, plays guitar and piano as well. When I was 4 years old, I decided I wanted to play violin, and the rest is history. Since then I have played six different instruments, and look forward to taking on more. I also have gotten into teaching violin and guitar, which allows you to think about music in a totally different way.

Where can our readers purchase your music?

Here is the fanlink for Fading, so readers can choose their preferred method of accessing it. https://fanlink.to/lhasapetikfading

How can our readers keep up with the latest news on you?

You can catch up on my latest adventures and music releases either on Facebook or Instagram.



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