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Letter to the Editor of the Week

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The following Letter to the Editor in this past week's Hamodia struck my fancy..

On Mehadrin Buses

To the Editor:
I would like to recall a historical fact that can be checked out by anyone.: If you remember, a few years ago it was frightening to ride on buses in Eretz Yisrael. Suicide bombers would get onto buses packed with innocent people and blow themselves up, killing and maiming hundreds. Nothing could be done about them; the army was helpless.
Then it was decided to launch mehadrin buses. As soon as these chariots of kedusha started running, the suicide bombers stopped.
unfortunately, the Supreme Court came out against mehadrin buses. Whereas before, women could enter through the back doors of the bus, now they have to enter through the front door, making it necessary for them to pass through the men. At one point, I read in Hamodia that Rav Kav "readers" (like they have on trains) would be installed on buses so women could enter through the back, but this never came about. Why don't we insist on this?
Also, there are signs on every bus saying that one traveler cannot tell another one where to sit. I have been told that one can end up in jail even for politely asking people to move. But why should anyone have to be told to move in order for the bus to be modestly segregated? The mehadrin buses pass through "our" neighborhoods, and each individual should be looking out for the kedusha of Am Yisrael, concerned about protecting his family and neighbors.
How long does a bus ride take? Must couples sit together when it is compromising the security of everyone, including themselves? (You can always talk when you get home.)
Please, I beg you, men sit in your part of the bus and women sit in yours. The safety of our nation depends on this.
May we be zocheh - in the zechus of showing Hashem that we care about His Torah and His having asked us be kadosh - that the redeemer should come to Tzion in mercy, very quickly.
With Torah blessings,
Rav Shmuel Littmann
lots of leaps. not bad..
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