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Let There Be Light

By Danielcarruthers
tree surgeon at work high up a tulip tree

Rather you than me !

In the sixteen years I’ve lived in this house I’ve had some minor tree surgery done on the tulip tree from time to time, but it’s not had a serious crown reduction done until now. Ideally I would leave the tree to get on with it, but it’s started to overhang the house and just cutting it back from there would leave it looking distinctly lopsided so I got planning permission (we live in a conservation area) for a 20% reduction by an approved contractor. It’s always exciting (and a bit scary) watching skilled tree surgeons at work, but it went really well and there is much more light in the garden now – as there will be next year. Despite the regular thud of branches hitting the ground there is remarkably little damage to plants and we also had the bonus that most of the leaves had not fallen so they were taken away and shredded with the branches. As our leafmould heap is pretty well full already and I have an ample supply that has already rotted down from previous years, doing without the bulk of this year’s leaf fall really isn’t a problem.

tulip tree after surgery

After : More light will reach the garden below.

branches from the tulip tree

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