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Let Them Sprawl.

By Mrsebiology @mrsebiology
I rearranged my desks a while back and ended up with a lot of empty space in the middle of my room.  Being in possession of two X chromosomes in every cell, my natural inclination was to start decorating that space.  After one trip to the store and $40.00 later, I had two cheap area rugs at my disposal, throwing them down in the middle of the room and inviting students to sit on them while they worked.  
I think they're a hit.  
They probably won't improve my student's ability to think critically, synthesize information, or troubleshoot their own netbook.  They won't raise my students' standardized test scores (Could you imagine if someone thought they did?  We'd soon have 1:1 rug initiatives), they won't help my students learn digital citizenship, and they probably won't help my students create their own understandings.  
But what they have done (I hope) is make my classroom a bit more comfortable for learning to take place.  I just felt that empty yawning space in the center of my room needed an extra-special "something" to make it a little less sterile, less stodgy, less prepackaged factory-like; I wanted to bring back some of the welcoming coziness that seems to exude from every elementary classroom I have ever visited.
Plus, I realized that I do most of my best work sprawled out on the floor with a mess all around me.  Not that all students learn best this way, but why not give all of the sprawling learners in my classroom the same environment?  
And, for only forty bucks, what did I have to lose?

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