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Let’s Talk Flash Tattoo’s

By Masfashion

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Okay, lets talk tattoos for a quick second (mom stop reading this now).You may have noticed a few “extra” accessories I have been wearing lately. I realize that I have been wearing them for a few weeks without really explaining what they are, and now I am getting questions. The culprit in question is Flash Tattoos. I never really wanted a real tattoo growing up. Maybe it was because I thought my parents would be really disappointed in me or because I could never make my mind up about what I would want. I change my mind about what I like almost every month so to have something so permanent kind of made me shudder. In high school I used to make my friends draw a tiny star on my right wrist because I “thought” it was super cool and that one day I would want that as a tattoo. Thank the dear lord above that I didn’t follow through because I would laugh at myself now. Knowing that my mind changes, life changes, and that I am getting older, I came to the idea that I would not get a tattoo, and I was okay with that, or so I thought. Last year after I got married, I decided I was going to get a tattoo. Yup, I was taking the plunge. But because I was terrified of commitment I decided to get white. Yes, white. And I was going to get it with my bestie Amanda so that I didn’t wimp out.

Now, when you go into a tattoo parlor and ask for a white tattoo they first look at you like, “this silly girl is out of her mind,” then proceed to tell you “it will fade in a few years and it isn’t worth it.” Most people would agree and say it isn’t worth it but I was thinking this was pretty perfect! Being the “good daughter” I am I first called my mom to make sure she wouldn’t disown me for getting one. Yes, most people would run it by their husband but I am so worried about disappointing my family I had to ask her. I know, I am lame – totally not cool enough for a tattoo! After she assured me she would love me no matter what, I did it. I now have two white tattoos on both ring fingers. Sorry mom – you only knew about one.eek.  I have an infinity sign on my right hand and an outline of a Swiss flag on my left (bc I hate when people put names or initials). You can tell just how non-committal I can be as I not only get white which fades but I also get it on fingers that no one can see. But I like knowing they are there and what they represent. People ask why I get white if no one can see but it is for me and no one else.  One day I am sure I will think they are totally lame, but remember they fade in a few years so I am golden. For now I love them and am happy to announce that I am the idiot who gets white tattoos.

Since I am a non-committal person but likes the idea of having a few art details I turned to Flash Tattoos. I first saw these on Pinterest and thought it was some cool L.A. art that would never make it to Dallas. This wasn’t the case. Before a concert one of my friends pulled out her pack and asked if I wanted one. I.was.ecstatic. After putting one on I literally pulled out my phone and bought the Lena right then and there. They are absolutely ridiculous but absolutely amazing! They last about a week or two depending on where you put it. I have had so much fun finding new spots to “decorate” and will most likely be seen wearing one everyday. I just ordered the Child of the Wild set and can’t wait to continue my new obsession. They really are the perfect partnership for a non-committal, wanna-be, like myself! So now instead of having friends drawing on stars I can rock metallic shapes and symbols! Seriously, so much cooler!

photography by Molly Miller

scrolling image via flash tattoos

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