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Let’s Talk About Your Website: Creating a Good First Impression

Posted on the 08 November 2013 by Electrickiwi @webdesignmusic

Web Design PortfolioFor a musician, a website should be more than just another platform to maintain and promote – it should be thought of as a valuable tool that will help to improve and further your career. One question that I am asked regularly is why would you need a website when you can use one of the many social platforms (i.e. Facebook/Twitter) to promote yourself. It’s a completely fair question and one that there are many answers for.

Social Networks vs Your Own Website

First of, social networks are great. I, along with millions of others, use them everyday. But they don’t replace an official website.

Sure, you’ve got a Facebook page, a Twitter feed and you post some photos on Instagram, you’ve used Google+ a couple of times – but are they 100% yours? No. There’s one (pretty big) reason. In the past, we’ve seen social networks fade into obscurity. Look at Myspace, Bebo…even Friendster. They’re almost like a passing fad in some cases. Do you really want to put all of your eggs in such a fragile basket? I’m guessing no.

And yes, you can customise them to an extent, but do they really showcase who YOU are in a way that is completely individual and different to the thousands upon thousands of artists you’re “competing” with for attention? No.

Every artist has a Facebook or a Twitter page; they’re free, so anyone can set one up. It’s likely that a website will cost you some money – but ultimately, it is an investment that shows you are serious and committed about your musical journey. Do you have complete control over the content and design of your website? YES! Can it showcase who you are as an artist on your own terms? Absolutely!

First Impressions Count!

Labels, booking agents, promoters and venues will often want to see your website to get a feel for who you are as an artist in a way that can’t be obtained from a social network. These networks do all have their own benefits, and I’m in no way discouraging you from using them – you should definitely continue using them, but use them in CONJUNCTION with your own custom web presence. Owning your own domain and having your own website should be at the forefront of your digital strategy.

Think of your website as the starting point of a fan’s (or potential fan’s) impression of you. What do you want to show them? What do they need to know about you? How is your website going to sell your sound, your music, your shows to them? Think about what makes you unique and what is in it for them as a listener or viewer.

Let’s talk about you…

What have you done on your website to make it stand out, and what do you offer to your visitors to help turn them into fans?

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