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Let's Talk About "Growing Up"

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox

Hi everyone!

So last week I announced that I would be running a series called "Let's Talk About" which would have a different theme each time I posted, and this time it's on "Growing Up" and will cover everything from school, to careers and even moving in with your partner.
1 - How can I choose the right career for me?
In all honesty, there is no winning formula or test you can sit that will accurately tell you what career you should have. Think about your hobbies, your skills and what you would not like to do and then work around that. If all else fails talk to people! ask them how they chose their careers, listen to their opinions and advice before you decide one way or another. Always remember that your career doesn't have to be set in stone - Leighton Denny was a truck driver before he was a nail expert - keep your mind open and always be open to new things.
2 - I hate my job - Should I quit?
No-one wakes up in the morning and springs out of bed excited for work everyday.  We all have days where we feel overwhelmed or our colleagues are making us want to poke their eyeballs out so you have to weigh up if you actually hate your job, or if you just dislike certain aspects of it. For example, ask yourself this: "If my colleague was to leave, would I be happy?" or maybe "if the day was shorter then would I like it?"  if you say yes to either of these then you hate your job for all the wrong reasons. Learn to get on with your colleague, learn to stop watching the clock. Try as hard as you can - nothing in life comes easy. If you have valid reasons like bullying, or commute time issues or feeling physically exhausted at the end of the day, maybe think about changing your job if it will make you happier in the long run, there's no point in quitting this job to have the same thing happen at the next job.
3 - My parents want me to go to University, but I don't want to. What should I do?
Think forward, what is it you want to do with your life? if you want to be a teacher or a doctor or whatever you need qualifications and you need to go to University - if you want to be a receptionist, then fantastic! you probably won't need to go to University to do that - Have valid reasons for not going to University and if it comes down to "I don't want to leave high school then go back to studying for years!" then talk to your parents about taking a year out of studying to get a job and earn some money to support you during University. You'd be surprised at just how supportive your parents will be.
4 - My boyfriend/partner has asked me to move in with him, I'm scared! what should I do?
It depends on a few things - how strong is your relationship? if you've only been together a short while or you've broken up a few times then it might not be a good idea until you're sure that this is the road to go down. It also depends on if you can financially support yourself - so can you afford rent? rates? overheads? food? if not, then again, it's probably not the best idea but maybe spend some time each saving money. In the meanwhile it will become more apparent whether you're sure of the relationship or decision. Another factor to take into consideration is your loved ones opinions. If you're under 25, I would suggest listening to your parents advice and whether you agree with them or not, respect what they have to say. I would also be sure to remember that if your loved one say "He's a bad 'un" it's probably because he is a bad 'un. No-one else in life will ever put you first before their feelings - just remember that if they give you advice, it's because they love you, not to spite you or ruin your relationship.
5 - I'm going abroad without my parents for the first time ever. Why am I more scared than I am excited?
This is perfectly normal! whether you're 18 or 28, this is really a nerve wracking time - I'm 27 and I've never been abroad without my parents. I can give you a few pointers though - definitely make sure that whoever you're going on holiday with is someone you trust, make sure you never venture out alone, particularly at night time - it's easy to get lost or disoriented in unfamiliar surroundings. Always have your phone with you in case of emergencies and when you arrive at your destination, set up a 'safe point' with your friends that you all can go to if you get seperated from each other. I would also say that if you are going to a country with a different language, then learn basic words such as 'help' or 'doctor' and when you arrive at your location, try to locate the nearest English speaking doctor or embassy. Always make sure you have medical insurance so that you are safe abroad. You'll find that once you've prepared physically, you can prepare mentally and will be excited more than scared.
6 - I can't pay the rent. I don't want to tell anyone but I need help.
Look, we're still in a recession, we all have financial issues and sometimes they get on top of us. You're not alone. I don't know many people who aren't in debt so please don't feel like you're a failure - it's just a part of everyday life nowadays.  If you are really struggling, you can head to your local "Citizens Advice" who can advise you on what you can do - if you live in the UK, in most cases, the council will pay housing benefit to your landlord - always remember your landlord is not the scum of the earth because they need their rent - they invariably need that rent to pay for bills for maintenance and mortgages. Your landlord is human and usually if you talk to them about your situation and what you're doing about it, they will give you a little bit of breathing space and will understand. No-one gets anything for free so don't expect him/her to write off your backdated rent, but they might be understanding and may come to a payment plan agreement with you.
I don't know about you, but I am absolutely exhausted from typing and reading all of this, but I really love giving advice to people who might need a little bit of help. Always remember that while I might be your best buddy in the whole world (LOLZ!) I am not your family and I am not a doctor or financial adviser so please make sure you reach out to the professionals if you feel you need their help. 
Ok - next time I will be writing about "BOYS" - get commenting with your questions on relationships, help with boys in general and big decisions - I won't mention any names and as always you can email me privately at [email protected] if you'd rather not leave a comment.
Until next time!
All My Love
Holly xxxxxxx

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