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Let's Make Handwashing More Pleasant!

By Trendoffice @trendoffice
"If all else fails, something tells me most of us will be paying even closer attention to the design of sinks and vanities in residential, hospitality and retail projects for years to come." 
wrote Yellowtrace and published a lot of inspiring ideas for bathrooms. So much agree! It is hard to choose from the numerous beautifil bathrooms, but I am posting the two I like most:

Peppertree Villa Bellevue Hill Sydney By Luigi Rosselli Architects And Alwill Interiors | Yellowtrace

Peppertree Villa in Bellevue Hill, Sydney by Luigi Rosselli Architects & Alwill Interiors.
Source: https://www.yellowtrace.com.au/covid-19-wash-hands-amazing-skinks-bathroom-design-details/

Must Marble Sink Collection Altamarea | Yellowtraceink Collection Altamarea Yellowtrace

Must marble sink collection from Altamarea.
Source: https://www.yellowtrace.com.au/covid-19-wash-hands-amazing-skinks-bathroom-design-details/

And add a few more from my earlier publications:

agape rigo

Agape - Rigo by Patricia Urquiola - elegant customization

Let's make handwashing more pleasant!


Let's make handwashing more pleasant!


Tiny bathrooms can also be elegant

Have a look at the latest bathroom I just finished for a client - it is tiny, too: Let's make handwashing more pleasant!

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