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Posted on the 14 August 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

Domain - what domain name to choose

Last week over 150 readers told us their top/favorite domain and how much they wanted for it. In most cases these prices were at the retail/enduser level. One poster did mention they did sell a domain after posting here, so maybe the thread helped with bringing some exposure to one sale.

Today I would like to give readers the chance to generate some business at the wholesale level.

So in this post you may post one name for sale, fixed price, $2,500 or less. The name should be geared to other domain investors to increase the probability of making a sale.

The post should consist of only three elements:

  • Name
  • Price
  • How to contact

So not to waste anyone’s precious time, any post that strays from this will be deleted. Examples:

  • More than one name listed
  • A paragraph to describe the reasons why someone should buy.
  • Critiquing another poster’s domain name.
  • Listing price over $2,500

No need to post or email why did my comment get deleted ? If your post does not look like Name, Fixed Price, Contact, it will be deleted.

Only post a domain you own and have the ability to sell if you should get an offer.

Let’s do some business

If you do make a sale, please come back and leave a comment if you can.

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