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Let’s Build Homemade Pool Slide

By Mattnem05 @mattnem05

Homemade Pool Slide - Measure the area where you want to build. Make a rough sketch of the design you want the slide to have. Consider age, size and weight of the people who will use it. Decide if you want a slide with a water drain. Buy your slide from a local or online store. Some slides will require very little assembly. Other slides come in customizable kits. Make sure it will fit in the area the size and weight limits that are appropriate for the people who will use it.

Let’s Build Homemade Pool Slide

Reinforce the area under the homemade pool slide if necessary. Gather the tools you need to build the slide, as specified in the instructions. Check slide kit to make sure all necessary parts are included. Build slide by connecting the pieces with the supplied hardware. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure the pieces are flush where they connect so that they will not pose a safety hazard.

Place the homemade pool slide so that it hangs over the edge of the pool a bit. You want to make sure that people who use the slide end up in the water, not on the edge of the pool. Attach the slide to the ground, deck or concrete around the pool to ensure it does not fall over when you use it. In some cases it is preferable to anchor the slide with fresh concrete.

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