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Let’s All Bing It While We Search Online and Get Rewarded

By Lisa @Lisapatb

 BING It Today

Last week many bloggers, SEO specialists and small online businesses were really upset with Google – myself included. Why don’t we all just Bing it and forget it!  Maybe Bing would account for more searches and help us all get more out of Bing vs. Google. Plus look how pretty their homepage is. And isn’t this one ironic with these Panda’s? Love it!

Bing it

Searching Online

How often do you use search in a day? 21% of our time online is spent searching. That is #2 behind time on social networks at 22% of the time.  3rd is reading content online at 20% of our time online. Google alone acounts for over 1 billion searches per day. Bing and Yahoo are right behind Google and Facebook for daily visits. (*Stats from Comscore, Nielson, TNS Digital Life and Pew)

The Bing Advantage

  1. You can see what your friends like on Facebook  when you log in. You can see their referrals. Just log in via Facebook on Bing.
  2. You can also sign in via Microsoft.
  3. You can earn REWARDS via their Bing Awards.

Bing Rewards

Bing Awards are easy to do. Everytime you search you get reward points.  You earn 1 credit per 2 Bing searches and up to 15 credits a day. That is 30 searchers per day that you can earn rewards from. When you have enough rewards you visit their redemption center to claim your rewards. You can earn Starbucks cards, Amazon cards and more. How nice is that! Is Google rewarding you for searching? They also offer sweepstakes that you can enter to win prizes when you sign up.

What others were saying about Google’s recent changes:

Nancy Cawley Jean – a Communications and Media Relations Pro blogged about the Google Reader changes a few days ago.

Google, you have gone too far. You’ve become a cyberbully! Yes, that’s exactly it. You’ve become a big, bloated, egotistical bully…… You can read more on Nancy’s blog.

Ana Hoffman from the Traffic Generation Cafe did a slideshare on the death of the Google Reader (You can click on image below to read more from her SlideShare)

“Google is on a killing spree 70+ dead products and counting….”

death of Google reader

Closing Google Reader Sucks, But Is Dangerous For Google… via @ajkohn

— Danny Goodwin (@DannyNMIGoodwin) March 14, 2013

#Google Reader Shutting Down Leaving Huge Curation Gap For Marketers –

— Robert Caruso (@fondalo) March 16, 2013

It scares me as a consumer into thinking what #Google will cut next out of the free products I use every day. — Bryan Kramer (@bryankramer) March 14, 2013

Google, Who Are you?… #seo <-Incl my exp w/#Orlando recent #Google search results.

— Pam Moore (@PamMktgNut) March 14, 2013

SEO Updates via Google

SEO Panda update

Hubspot did an eye opening post the other day on the SEO Panda updates and it wasn’t pretty. It confirmed my suspicions on an Google update as one of my sites was tanking just on Google for the past 5 days.  (I believe messy coding was the cause, more to come.) Some of the comments on Hubspot’s blog on the topic included:

It is a shame when a regular site created for anyone that is interested in that content gets hit. A regular site being the everyday business person not knowing much about algorithm’s and such builds a site to help his business along creating no foul play or black hat tactics…..

My website has 2,200+ pages of original content written by experts, minimal ads (in a narrow right column), NO duplicate pages, NO purchased links, NO empty pages. But, still, Panda took my traffic from 22,000 visitors on a good day to 8,000 on a good day. Killing my revenue and losing me my expert contributors…..  Read more on their blog on this SEO topic.

Matt Cutts: Google Adding Panda to Real-Time Algorithm via @sewatch #SEO

— Danny Goodwin (@DannyNMIGoodwin) March 15, 2013

 Will you be switching to Bing for your searches and earn their rewards?

Have you noticed a change in your traffic from Google in the past week or two?

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