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Let Me In by Claire McGowan

By Pamelascott

For Helen and George, the remote fixer-upper in Cornwall was supposed to be a dream home, and a way to leave behind the problems they're both running from. But something about the place feels wrong from day one. And why does Helen have a creeping feeling she's seen this house before?

Her unease only deepens after renovations begin, when the builders find sinister dolls hidden in the walls. As Helen digs into the house's past, she discovers that the previous owner was not only rumoured to be a witch; she was also imprisoned for a brutal triple murder thirty years earlier.

When a horrific accident almost ends in tragedy, Helen worries that the house's secrets are to blame, and as events spiral out of control she discovers George has been lying to her. As the past returns to haunt them, the couple realise they are in terrible danger, and they can't trust anyone-not even each other. Because Helen hasn't been entirely honest with him either...



(Thomas & Mercer, 20 June 2023, e-book, 310 pages, borrowed from AmazonKindle via Prime Reading)



I'm a fan of the author though it's been a few years since I read anything. I really enjoyed Let Me In. I liked the fact each section of the book is from a different character's perspective and you need to keep reading to see what the connection is between them. This is the kind of thriller I really enjoy with twists, turns and misdirection.


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