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Let Children Be Children

By Cifarshayar @cifarshayar

Let Children Be Children

Let Children Be Children
14th November is the birthday of India's first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru which is celebrated as children's day in India due to his love and fondness to children. He always interacted with them and they used to call him 'Chacha Nehru' (Uncle Nehru). This year we are celebrating his 125th birth anniversary so I decided to raise some issues related to children.
The children are the most important part of our society as they are the future of the country. What we will give them today they will return to us in the future. So if we want a better society, a better state , a better nation and a better world we must take the best care of our children. Their proper growth is crucial for the proper growth of the society and this is possible only when we let children be themselves and not try to make them someone else.
Today in order to get higher TRP's reality shows compel children to behave like adults, they are forced to dance and talk like grown ups, they make them wear vulgar dresses and so on. Similarly some organisations trained them to kill , they filled hatred in they minds and believe me hatred will only make way for more hatred. Such malignant treatment of children is very dangerous. Many children work due to poor financial conditions of their family and in developing country like India we have millions of children in this condition. Their are laws to prevent them but there implementation is almost negligible. When poverty is not giving them proper food how we expect them to grow to their full potential and discover their inner strengths. They are not voters so why concern about their problems. But it is sad to say we elders have also not raised children problems like increasing burden of education,proper facilities in school,problem of malnutrition ,etc.
For a better tomorrow we should hear to their silent yearnings to let them be themselves. Let them be innocent children learning different things as they progresses in life and we playing the role of their guides telling them about the good and the bad. And for the underprivileged children we should help them as much as possible. There is an organisation Akshaya Patra which is bringing such children to schools by helping in providing meals in schools.
I hope a children's day where every child would be happy is near. I have made a video dedicated to all children using a song from Hindi movie Taare Zamin Par ( Like Stars on earth) starring Aamir Khan and Darshil Safary in lead roles 

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