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Lesson 932 – Home Again

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

That tricky elf in a coop has finally gone back into his box (along with our Christmas Chicken) where I assure you he will be kept safe until next year.

Our flock

Our flock

For now, we are enjoying the fact that all of our chicks have returned home and that our nest is full once again.

Oh I know that as a mama hen, it’s my job to push out my little ones when the time is right, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t miss them and greatly enjoy their company when they come back to visit.

So good to see you, so very good to see you – sit down and tell me how you’ve been.

And come back they have with a roar, the kids haven’t all been together since last August. That’s a long time when you’ve grown up in a flock that has lived, worked, and tumbled around together.

Late nights are spent watching favorite movies and talking, popcorn is being made non-stop and constant questions about home are being asked, mundane and yet so important to the history of our family.

“How do you make baked ziti again?”

“Where is the laundry soap?”

“Can I go see a friend home from college?”

The answers to their questions are something that the kids know from memory, they simply want reassurance that they are truly home.

“I’ll show you how.”

“What you need is right over here, it’s always been here.”

“And yes, go visit but don’t stay away for long.”

Wendy Thomas writes about the lessons learned while raising children and chickens in New Hampshire. Contact her at [email protected]

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