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Lesson 838 – Flies and Fly Traps

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

Josephine, our Blue Copper Maran and her mate Mrs. (Mr.) Bucket  our Black Copper Maran both love to chase any flying bugs.  They’ll see one buzz by and will, with their matching awkward and lumbering gait, chase after them – sometimes successful, sometimes not.

But even if they don’t get the insect, they seem to enjoy the hunt.

That is until the day I watched them as a fly buzzed by in near reach. Both of my chicks stood still while they looked at the insect making its way across the yard. Finally Mrs. (Mr.) Bucket took off running after the fly and it was only after he had made his move that Josephine also decided to join in on the chase.

Needless to say, Mrs. (Mr.) Bucket was the victor quickly slurping down the last of the remains of the fly by the time Josephine joined him at his side.

Lesson learned? If you stand around too long deciding that maybe you should set a fly trap instead of just going for it? – Sweetheart, that bug is going to get away.


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