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Lesson 809 – Poor Man’s “Chillow”

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

This is a post not so much about chickens, as much as it is about a mama hen who’s feathers are ruffled.

Because as we all know, “if the mama hen ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

And this mama hen is not happy.

It has been a hot summer so far, a very hot, and unbearably humid summer. Made even more uncomfortable by the fact that the air conditioner in our third-floor-two-skylights-hot-as-an-easy-bake-oven bedroom has decided after many years of faithful service to finally give up the ghost and die.

Easy problem to fix, right? Just go out and buy a new one.

But when you have kids in college, sports, and continuing medical costs, trust me on this one, you can always find things to spend your money on instead of replacing a machine that cools you for only a few hours a night for only a few weeks a year.

Marc and I have been making due by convincing ourselves that this misery will only last for a little bit longer. Summer can’t possibly go on forever, can it?

So even though our mothers had warned us when we were children, not to do this because it would result in a stiff neck, Marc and I sleep with fans aimed *directly* at our bodies. This ends up making it somewhat bearable temperature-wise but it’s now impossible to read a book in bed. *You* try turning a page against the force of a mighty fan-typhoon.

The other night I saw an ad on TV for something called a “Chillow” it’s a foam pad that you soak with water, seal, and then place on top of your pillow. The chill of the pillow supposedly keeps your body temperature down by cooling all those tiny blood vessels on your face and scalp which then sends the lower-temp blood to the rest of your body.

Sounded like a perfect invention!

I did a little research online and found that like many other “made for TV” items, there was a reason it sounded too good to be true. According to reviews, the Chillow leaks, it gets lumpy, and it doesn’t stay cold long enough.

*sigh* Looks like Marc and I will just have to suck it up and put up with the heat.

But Marc, being the good husband he is, noticed my disappointment and in an effort to console me purchased a “poor man’s Chillow” as a joke. Basically it’s a sheet of bubble wrap where all the “bubbles’ are filled with water.


Ha ha, very funny.

Except that the other night was so brutally hot that I figured “why not?”

I put the pack (which had been in the freezer) in a zip lock bag and then slipped it inside of my pillow case. Laying my hot head on this ice-cold pack was nothing short of nirvana. Even though the room temperature was (outrageously) high, I was comfortable and for the first time in several nights, I was able to quickly fall asleep.

Who knew that putting your head on an ice block would feel so good?

Since then, I’ve been taking my ice pack to bed every night. Seriously, I don’t even want to face that bedroom if my pack is not with me, it’s just not worth it (and woo be to the child who removes it from the freezer and then forgets to put it back in.)

Being able to finally sleep in a hot-as-Hades room is making me happy.

And when this mama hen is happy,  … well you know the rest.

Wendy Thomas writes about the lessons learned while raising children and chickens in New Hampshire. Contact her at [email protected]

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