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Lesson 687 – Photos from a Poultry Show

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

What’s the number one thing that people do when they go to a poultry show (except of course sneeze from all the dust at the end of the day)?

Why it’s take pictures! Chickens are notoriously difficult to take photos of. This is because they don’t have stereo vision like we do.  Instead, they sense depth by constantly moving a focused eye. It’s like taking snapshots from a whole lot of different angles and then crunching all that information into a scene that lets them evaluate a possible threat.

And let’s face it, a million people walking by your cage is a pretty big threat. People who try to take pictures of chickens end up getting a lot of blurry photos, it kind of comes with the job.

I did get a few clear shots. See this guy checking me out with his eye? He’s doing that threat evaluation thing.

eye 1a

Here’s another one. He’s asking “Are you lookin’ at me?” in a gangster voice.


I saw a few of these at the show. Hey, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go, am I right, ladies?


I saw cranky chickens with attitude.


And some that were more laid back and who were just trying to get a little beauty sleep.

beauty in white

I even saw some chickens that seemed to be getting ready for the cold snap that would arrive in our area a few days after the show.


Of course, I saw Jan Brett’s award winning birds (who take my breath away every time I see them.)

Jan's birds

And for the second year in a row, I saw this and for the record, I *still* can’t believe that there’s a female turkey out there that gets turned on by it.


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