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Lesson 427 – Chick Cover Art

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

Many years ago, we had a black and white photo taken of our 3 littlest chicks. The photo turned out so well that it was actually used as a cover shot for Parenting NH. At the time I wasn’t writing for the publication, I was just a mom with 5 little kids and one on the way who was desperately trying to get through each day.

Parenting NH liked the shot, I gave permission. Done.

Lesson 427 – Chick cover art

Now, almost 12 years later, I find myself writing for a parenting publication (imagine that?) I pitched a story – wouldn’t it be neat to see the growth progression of these kids? – and the editor decided to go with it. Marc and I then tried to recreate (sort of) the photo for an article in an upcoming issue.

It wasn’t easy. Somehow we had to arrange the kids so that little Emma, who was so protected in the first photo would not be smushed by her now, much older (and much heavier) brother and sister.

The kids, recognizing that this would be a neat photo brought great spirits to the project – although to be perfectly honest, my kids bring good spirits to all of our projects. By now they are used to “mom’s crazy ideas” and they good naturedly go along knowing that at the very least, it will always be an adventure.

This is not the photo that will be used in the article but instead is one of the outtakes.

Lesson 427 – Chick cover art

But it’s still good enough to show off how much my little chicks have grown.

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