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Lesson 1547 – Lessons Learned from Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 8

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

Charlotte’s Web Chapter 8 – A Talk At Home

One Sunday morning, while talking to her parents at the breakfast table Fern tells them about all the conversations she hears in the barn. She tell them how the goose gave a rotten egg to Templeton and how Charlotte was the first to congratulate the goose when her eggs started hatching.

Lesson 1547 – Lessons Learned from Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 8
Fern’s mother, Mrs. Arable is alarmed that Fern thinks she can understand what the animals are saying. “I think I shall ask Dr. Dorian about her the next time I see him.”

Mr. Arable grinned. “Maybe our ears aren’t as sharp as Fern’s.”

Chapter 8 Lessons Learned

Fern’s mother doesn’t believe that Fern can understand what the animals are saying.

Lesson Learned – Sometimes kids have incredible talents and strengths that may be difficult to believe.

Fern’s mother wants to take her to a doctor, her dad wants to indulge in what may be a fantasy.

Lesson Learned – Moms want to fix, dads want to have fun.

Bonus lesson – sometimes it takes being quiet to hear what is being said.


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