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Lesson 1424 – It’s Second Thought Time

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

In the I-know-this-isn’t-the-most-important-decision-in-the-world department:

The general consensus of the earrings I posted yesterday was that I should wear the “teal rock candy” ones, however when I put them on, within a few hours my ears started to get itchy and inflamed (it’s stainless steel, silver, or gold only for me.) Although adorable, it looks like those are not going to work for me.

And although the dangles are not heavy, I do appreciate the reminder that I will be putting on and taking off my pack many times and I wouldn’t want an earring to get caught on the straps (shudder.)

I’ll keep looking for New Hampshire made non-dangly earrings for our trip. (which begins in 6!!! Days!)

In the What-on-earth-was-I-thinking? department:

It never occurred to be me to frightened of our trip. My son and I (both adults) will simply be walking the roads of New Hampshire.

But in the last week no less than 4 people have told me that they would be terrified to do such a thing.

What on earth is there to fear?

And then last night I dreamed of this:

oz tree

So I took a closer look at our first day of walking. We are walking for 20+ miles with virtually nothing around us but trees and more trees (there are a few lakes in there, but you get the drift.)

Our second day of walking won’t be much different, Lots and lots of trees, not so many people. New Hampshire is a big state and up north there’s a lot of land.

“You’ll be fine,” said Marc.

“We’ll be fine,” said Griffin.

“Um,” I countered “still bringing my trusty Swiss Army knife.”


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