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Lesson 1404 – Border to Border New Hampshire Walk Announced

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

Border-to-Border New Hampshire 

nh mountains


This is what our “Border-to-Border” New Hampshire walk will look like. Although Griffin and I  are still finalizing the actual roads taken, these will be the starting and ending towns for each day. That first day might go from 10 miles to around 23 as I think we’re going to start at a “proper” New Hampshire/Canadian border instead of by a river. As I said, things are still being finalized. But that being said, it’s important to note that this is a walk of New Hampshire and not a hike. We will be walking our state’s roads from the northern border to the southern border.

We are now looking for people who would be willing to put us up for the night in each of these towns. If you know of any person, church, or social group (Lyme support?) please have them contact me. Although we are going to walk close to 200 miles, Griffin and my combined Lyme related arthritis and orthopedic conditions making sleeping in a tent (and carrying the extra pack weight) a no-go.

We are also looking for businesses and attractions on this route which would like to be highlighted. If you have something that’s unique to New Hampshire, we want to learn about it.

I plan on documenting this walk using social media (Instagram, twitter, Facebook, Fitbit, and my and a State of NH blog.) During the walk I’ll be sharing information about local food that we eat, people we meet, history of New Hampshire, and stories of our journey. It will be a journey of New Hampshire and you can bet it will be entertaining.

I’m going to create Facebook events should anyone want to join us on any of the days, the walks through the mountains should be spectacular.

Day Calendar Day Start Finish Distance Total Distance

1 08/09/2016 Daniel Webster Hwy, Clarksville, NH 03592 Colebrook NH 10.7 10.7

2 08/10/2016 Colebrook, NH North Stratford, Stratford, NH 14.0 24.7

3 08/11/2016 North Stratford, Stratford, NH Northumberland, NH 16.1 40.8

4 08/12/2016 Northumberland, NH Whitefield, NH 15.1 55.9

5 08/13/2016 Whitefield, NH Franconia Nh 14.2 70.1

6 08/14/2016 Franconia Nh Lincoln NH 15.8 85.9

7 08/15/2016 Lincoln NH Campton NH 16.9 102.8

8 08/16/2016 Campton, NH Ashland, NH 11.6 114.4

9 08/17/2016 Ashland, NH Sanbornton, NH 16.3 130.7

10 08/18/2016 Sanbornton, NH Canterbury NH 12.1 142.8

11 08/19/2016 Canterbury NH Concord NH 10.1 152.9

12 08/20/2016 Concord NH Manchester NH 16.7 169.6

13 08/21/2016 Manchster NH Merrimack NH 10.2 179.8

14 08/22/2016 Merrimack NH Pheasant Lane Mall 12.4 192.2

That’s it for now. More to come as things get finalized, but know that Griffin and I will be starting very early on the morning of August 9th.

Sojourners are we.


Some people have talked about sponsorships and donations for this walk. Originally this was going to just be a journey with a mom and her son who because of their Lyme arthritis couldn’t hike but could still walk, but I’m not averse to spreading the  walking in New Hampshire word with sponsorships (or even a donation for a cup of morning coffee.)  If you’re interested in getting involved, please send email and we’ll figure it out together.


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