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Lesson 1400 – Stake in the Ground – Walking NH Starts on August 9th

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

Many of my readers have asked me “what ever happened to the walk of New Hampshire?” Well life happened this spring and I got kind of busy.

But Griffin and I are putting a stake in the ground and our go date is August 9th (right after I pass in my final grades.)  I had wanted to begin on a Saturday, but I think this makes more sense as now we’ll have some miles under our belt come that first weekend where there might be some gathering interest.

Lesson 1400 Stake Ground Walking Starts August
We will start up North and will walk down to Nashua (where I hope we can all celebrate in a pub.) I think it will take about 2 weeks. We will be bringing attention to walking areas in New Hampshire, as well as Lyme disease (which is still grossly under-diagnosed and mistreated in NH.) With regard to Lyme, while it’s an important part of our story, I don’t want to frighten people. I think our message will be, even if you have Lyme, you can still out get outside and enjoy  beautiful New Hampshire.

The only fly in the ointment is that because of our Lyme arthritis, there is no way we can sleep in a tent. As it is I’m trying to figure out the right-sized bottle of Motrin to pack.  We’ll have to figure out places to stay that are within 13 – 15 miles of each other. If anyone knows anyone …. (although I have a feeling this will all work better if we actually have a route mapped out – it’s coming.)

I’ll be reaching out to social media, friends, support groups, and even a church or two to see if they would be willing to put us up for the night.

It will be warm in August so we won’t have to pack much clothing (although rain will be interesting,) It will be a sort of minimalist walking. (although you can be sure I’ll have a book  or two or..)

We’ll be working with the state on getting photos along the way posted to a state website and stopping in at town favorite places for chats with the locals. Basically we’ll be figuring out what you can discover in New Hampshire when you walk through it.

This is a new chapter for New Hampshire, while we have much hiking here, the walking aspect is just starting to take off and it’s a perfect fit for one of our family challenges.

Details will come as we figure them out, but know that we’ll start walking on August 9th.


Some people have talked about sponsorships and donations for this walk. Originally this was going to just be a journey with a mom and her son who because of their Lyme arthritis couldn’t hike but could still walk, but I’m not averse to spreading the  walking in New Hampshire word with sponsorships (or even a donation for a cup of morning coffee.)  If you’re interested in getting involved, please send email and we’ll figure it out together.


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