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Lesson 1335 – Strengthening the Family with Dave Ramsey

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

Based on the feedback I got on my last post about giving gifts as if you lived in a tiny house, this post seems like a logical followup.

Those of you who know me, know that I (and my kids) love a good challenge. We’ve weighed uneaten food for a month, decorated dorm rooms from yard sales, raised chickens, gotten selfies with Presidential candidates, and seen how many meals we could make from 60 pounds of hamburger (turns out quite a lot!) .

At a recent Politics and Eggs event, Presidential candidate Gov. Rick Santorum spent most of his time talking about the family unit and how it needs to be strengthened. It’s a point many (including me) agree with – as the family goes, so goes our nation. It seems that these days, family members are too rushed and too busy to spend much time with each other. Add to that the stress of trying to keep up with others, plus financial worries and what you get is a fractured foundation.

And when a foundation is weak, the structure built on top of it will, at some point crumble.

Santorum’s clear message was – put the work and time in at the beginning and you’ve got a fighting chance.

As some examples of how to support the family, the Governor specifically mentioned a company that provided their married employees with couples’ retreats and access to a Dave Ramsey financial class.

I wasn’t familiar with Dave Ramsey, in fact, I initially got him mixed up with that guy on CNBC who yells at you about finances (Jim Cramer.) Why on earth, I wondered, would listening to someone yell at you make a family in any way stronger?

Turns out it doesn’t. But Dave Ramsey’s approach just might.

I say this because when I put a post on my Facebook page asking if anyone had taken the Ramsey course, what I got were effusive comments like:
“I took it and it changed my life.”
“I wish I had taken it much earlier in my life.”
“Should be required for everyone.”

That’s some positive feedback. Based on those comments, I picked up Ramsey’s book Total Money Makeover (at a local used bookstore) and started reading. Nothing outrageous just good strong principals based on God and your grandmother. It’s the kind of information you wish you Dad had told you – if he had had the time.

Because I do so love a challenge, I’ve ordered the DVD Financial Peace University. This January when all 6 kids will be home from college and school, we will be spending our break taking Dave Ramsey’s personal finance course/ Financial Peace University.

I am so looking forward to this. In January I’ll be reporting back on how it goes (for everyone – including adults and kids from ages 24 – 15) and whether the foundation of this flock gets any stronger as a direct result of the class.


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