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Lesson 1331 – Best Advice for Fighting a Stubborn Cold – What I Ended up Doing

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas
I’m still struggling with a deep lingering cough. Last night I had my first good sleep because I did some of the suggestions that my friends gave me for fighting a stubborn cold.  My cough had gotten to the point where I had to carry a bucket with me in case I vomited (if you’ve ever been there you know what I mean.) My chest was painful, my head hurt from all the coughing, it was getting bad. So this is what I did.

Took a tablespoon of honey (which calmed the cough enough for me to)

Drink 32 ounces of water

Another tablespoon of honey

Another 32 ounces of water

Cup of hot tea

Cup of hot water with Emergen-C

Then I went to bed. Many times when you have congestion and a bad cough, you end up getting dehydrated (who can eat or drink when you can’t breath or you cough after every bite?) Turns out I was *very* dehydrated (which certainly added to my constant coughing.) Even after drinking 64 ounces of water I still didn’t have to pee. There’s probably a good reason why your mom tells you to push fluids when you get sick. This sounds like a lot to do, but I was desperate. In fact, before I started this fluid push I told my husband that it looked like I was going to have to go to the docs in the morning for meds. It was that painful and that non-stop.

I’m still coughing, but it’s not as deep and I’m actually having periods where I’m not coughing. The sleep that I was able to get last night (for the first time in weeks) helped so much. I’m going to do this routine again tonight and I’m very sure that by Sunday, I’ll finally be on top of this.

For all of you with lingering coughs and colds, truly, I feel your pain. Try different things to see what works  (I’m drinking another Emergen-C this morning) and remember to follow the advice your mom always gave you when you were sick – work on getting some fluids in.  Turns out she knew what she was talking about.


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