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Lesson 1328 – Best Advice for Fighting a Stubborn Cold

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

Weeks of stuffy, running noses and coughs from all the mucous. Not getting much sleep.

I’ve asked my students and friends about this and they’ve all reported stories of the never ending cold in their households. It’s here and it’s not going away.

I asked my Facebook friends what their best suggestions for knocking down a persistent cold once and for all were. Here are the replies: (Do yourself a favor and bookmark this page, trust me, at some point this winter, you’re going to need it.)

R.R.– neti pot, lots of warm lemon juice, sleep

I use about a half a tsp of 50% baking soda/%50 sea salt dissolved in fresh filtered tap water for my neti.

J.P. – Disinfect the house with vinegar and essential oils like oregano, thyme, lemongrass and lemon….. Elderberry syrup,

Eat lots of garlic, medicinal mushrooms (I like NewChapter Lifeshield Immunity and Host Defense my community immune support), vitamin D and a good quality multiple vitamin and mineral with enough zinc.

Oh… And of course sleep, rest, stress reduction and lots of water and herbal teas like detox blend, pau d’arco, echinacea, elderberry….)

K.B. – Allergy proof your bedroom. It could be indoor allergies now that the windows are closed and the furnace is blazing. A persistent “cold” is how I found out that it was allergies ailing me. People can develop allergies at any age. Wrap all mattresses and pillows in quality allergy control covers. Wash sheets and all bedding weekly in hot water.

J.K. – Neti pot, disinfect house. Change your toothbrush, each person should have their own toothpaste, and their own towel. And maybe it’s not a cold? Could it be allergies?

One more thing…Hot n Sour Soup!

Regarding Neti Pot – they also have bottles. You can buy the kit that has bottle and salt packets. Sometimes it takes a few tries. Don’t give up. We have family members who do it everyday. My husband was diagnosed with being allergic to California.

A.G. – I have read that horseradish helps. I made a large batch of Horseradish tincture last year but haven’t had to try it. I am not sure I would get the courage either. You are welcome to have some. When I get a cold I use echinacea angustifolia tincture, astragalus, andrographis, red root and pau d’arco.Local Local honey or Manuka honey can help too.

T.K. – It’s week 5 and things are starting to improve, I spent a lot of the weekend napping which seemed to help.

P.W. – Take a swig of Apple cider vinegar daily until the cold is gone. Yes, it really works. Shot glass. Straight up. Wait at least a minute before drinking water after.

G.L. – Use homeopathy- a branch of alternative medicine that’s been around for 200 years. (and it worked on my Lyme disease among other things) but you have to find a practitioner because it’s very individualized prescribing.

S.R.– Wash hands as soon as entering the house. Wipe knobs, phone, appliance handles, car doors handles, and steering wheels. Run toothbrushes through the dishwasher every week. NO toothbrushes left sitting out EVER! Keep them in a drawer or cabinet. Last, but not least, put toilet lid DOWN before flushing! Always. Flushing creates micro droplets that swirl all around the bathroom. Sounds appetizing, don’t it!? Bleh.

N.B. – It took me almost two months to get rid of my cough. But the cold part didn’t last long. I like to use acupressure to speed up the draining. Check out YouTube. You can do it yourself, or get Marc or one of the kids to do it for you.

K.R. – The microbiologists in my family warn: be careful VERY careful using neti pots. tap water is potable but it hasn’t been treated to get rid of everything.

L.S. – 1 tsp. Raw honey mixed with 1/4 tsp. Saigon or Ceylon cinnamon. Do this 2/day for 3 days. Good luck. Feel better.

K.G – Oil pulling.

J.S. – A week. On a beach. In the sun. With a pile of books and a class of something refreshing.

F.B. – Fire Cider. But yea it’s here too. Phlem and rough voice once dark starts to set in… Going on 4+ weeks too but I do feel better than a few weeks ago.

L.L. – TONS of liquids…chicken noodle soup, tortilla soup, hot and sour soup, H2O, Gatorade, water mixed with EmergenC, and water. 2 days and the virus is washed out….but your sewer bill will go up based on the liquid output you’ll have.

A.S.- 10k vitamin c daily.

K.H. – Zinc & Garlic (the non-odorous caps)

J.B. – My suggestions are already mentioned. I will send you healing energy and gentle hugs.


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