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Lesson 1321 – A Respite in the Woods

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

September 22nd was our 25th Wedding anniversary. It’s been 25 years filled with 6 kids, more pets than I can count, events that have scared us to near to death (breathing problems when the kids were young and an axe in the leg certainly come to mind on that one), and more ups and downs than the newest roller coaster at Six Flags.

But through it all Marc and I have stood strong. We’ve been there for the kids and we’ve been there for each other. This family ship of ours runs a course that’s true.

Each year to celebrate we go to a local restaurant – Pickity Place – to treat ourselves to one of their famous 5 course lunches (this month it’s -cheese and fruit, Potato soup, bread, entree with vegetables and then dessert.) Pickity Place is found deep in the woods of Mason, NH. It’s claim to fame (beside the outstanding food) is that the red house on the property was the inspiration for the drawings used in Little Red Riding Hood. The owners take great care to maintain the restaurant’s charm and the grounds are always seasonally decorated.

It’s our yearly moment to just sit back and breathe. Hey look at that, despite it all, we made it through another year.

Good on us. Let’s keep going.

Here are some photos from our lunch. If you live nearby and you haven’t yet gone, you really should treat yourself to this delightful and stunning little respite in the woods.





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