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Lesson 1255 – Such Magic

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

My kids play a video game called Portal. From what I understand you compete in a world where various round openings (portals) suddenly occur and when you step through them you are transported to a different place in the game.


Mind blowing.

I was recently reminded of this game due to Charlie, our Black Copper Marans’ behavior.

Lately Charlie has been doing this little trick (also called training me) where she stands on the front porch and screeches in order to get my attention.

When I go to front door and open it in order to see if she is okay (as I would do for any of my chicks who screech), Charlie boldly saunters into the house and immediately heads over to Pippin’s dog dish for a snack. When she lived in the house with us (for 6 months), Charlie much preferred dog food to chicken food and I can only assume that once you’ve had dog food, you can never go back. She sure remembers that the dog bowl means yummies.


When Charlie’s had her fill, I open the back door and she gracefully exits into the backyard to join the rest of the flock.

From the front yard to the back yard simply by way of opened doors (and with a tasty snack along the way to boot!)

Such magic by which these featherless flock members seem to live.


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