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Lesson 1138 – What’s Really Important About Salem, Mass

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

On Saturday, Marc and I decided to spend the day in Salem, Mass, about an hour drive from our house. Although Salem has a deep history that includes colonial living and seafaring life, it is, of course, for the witches that it is best known.

And boy do these guys like to celebrate their witches. For the entire month of October, the town gets its freak on. For sure, you’ll see all things witches:


And you might even see a token nod to the town’s pirating history:


But it’s more likely that you’ll see things like:

and this:


The town cemetery is open for viewing and people dressed for the occasion were walking over centuries old graves in order to get photos. It didn’t sit well with either Marc or me.


I think it’s important to remember, that Salem reminds us of a horrible period in our country’s history where men and women were put to death (murdered) because others accused them of being witches. WITCHES.

So while there are plenty of spooky things to buy:

and lots of local decorations:

Smarty pants in case you didn't get it.

Smarty pants in case you didn’t get it.

At the end of the day, this, *this* was the most important thing we took away from our visit.



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