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Lesson 1028 – Low-tech Photoshop for Chicks

By Wendythomas @wendyenthomas

They finally came!

At Easter, two of our kids found mustache photopaddles in their baskets. Why not? They looked like a fun little thing and the best part was that they contained no added sugar. Win-win for everyone! (especially this Easter bunny who has declared war against added sugar.)

We immediately started using these tools, which freely defines themselves as “super low-tech Photoshop.” (Basically, it’s a plastic paddle that you hold in front of your camera.)
First we had a dog with a mustache.


Then a boy young man with one.


The possibilities were endless. I posted a few shots on Facebook and people wanted to know where I got these. The problem? They were found in a discount bin at a factory outlet store.

Knowing that all answers come from the internet, I did a little digging and sure enough. Not only did I find them, but I found out that they have several other designs.

I ordered five.


Kissy puppy anyone?

yes, there really is a dog under all that hair.

yes, there really is a dog under all that hair.

Oh look, that’s Charlie.


Don’t touch that, its poison ivy.


And lastly, when I sent the kids out with the paddles to create a photo, this is what they ended up with. Such clever chicks.


Low-tech, good old-fashioned (digital) fun, sometimes it’s the simple things that bring the most enjoyment. What a smart bunny our Easter Rabbit turned out to be.

Note: I am not being compensated by Photopaddles. I just think these paddles are a lot of fun.

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