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Less Than 2 Days Away...

By Blondie @heyblondieblog
I have been lacking on the posts this month due to only being 2 days away (actually only 40 hours away) from leaving for Honduras. I still have not posted about SK's accomplishments that we have celebrated or anything else that has happened this month.
I have been in the midst of mountains (literally) of laundry, packing (actually that hasn't even happened yet-Aaahhh!), buying supplies, preparing myself the kids for being away for so long, and work (don't even get me started on those preparations).
Needless to say we have been busy! My sister and her family arrived Sunday night and stole our children for the next 10 days this morning. OM was screaming as they backed out of the driveway and I, of course, bawled like any good momma would. It was hard for Dagwood as well to see them pull away. This is the farthest distance they have ever gone from us for this amount of time. My sis did call not even five monutes later to tell me he was fine and no longer crying. Couldn't he have screamed for like an hour at least?! I mean he is gonna miss me that much, right! Ha!
All is good though. They will have a blast and we will be thrilled to see each other and have so many stories to tell.
Not sure with all the last minute packing if I'll be able to catch up on any posts before we leave so please check back in July for those! But...
I will be posting as I have internet access from Honduras so check back often to see what adventures we are having! Also check out my hubby's blog that he updated last year when he went and will be updating again this year.

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