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Leo – Group Consciousness. Common Purpose

By Luphil

Leo stands for the birth of the soul into group consciousness. As soon as the soul in us awakens, we begin to live in the higher consciousness or group consciousness. There is no more need for us to limits and separations like, this is ‘my group, your group, his group’. It is only one group of all beings of the universe. It is one entity called by many names in many groups. The purpose of Hierarchy is to release the humanity from its concretized bondages and perceived limitations so that they can cooperate with the greater purpose, the Plan for the evolution of our planet.

The picture visualizes the joint orientation of the group towards the higher purpose. For the depiction of the large group below, a photo of a group life at Mount Shasta, USA, was duplicated and mirrored. Above, there are pictures from online group meetings fused together as an expression of the physical and etheric interconnectedness. A staircase leads the view to the globe in the background and there to Shamballa. The detail of the globe is created with the help of a picture from using NASA images.

Shamballa is the etheric residence of Sanat Kumara in the Gobi Desert, where the purpose of God for our planet is known. He is the regent of the planet, indicated by the crown at the top of the globe. On the left you see the constellation Leo and on the right the glyph of the sign. The central axis was formed with the help of a photo of a galaxy. It reminds us that our system is part of a larger system and is aligned with it.

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.
The different zodiacal signs are clustered in groups – you can see here all my Leo paintings.

Leo – Group Consciousness. Common Purpose18 April 2020, pencils and photo work

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