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Leisurely Pursuits- A Country Stroll Tops the List of Favourite Pastimes

Posted on the 28 August 2012 by 72point @72hub

Walking in the countryside is Britain’s best loved pastime, even beating the likes of Facebook, a study has revealed. Research carried out among 2,000 adults found a country stroll was voted ahead of eating out and reading a book in the garden to claim top spot.

Enjoying a pint in the pub came fourth in the poll by WWF-UK, just ahead of cooking and playing computer games.

Listening to music came in at 7th place, followed by gardening.

Watching football was our ninth favorite thing to do, while a kick-around in the park only landed in at number 26.

Watching TV completed the top 10, and perhaps not surprisingly, surfing the net came in at number 11.

Rachel Bloodworth, a spokesperson for WWF-UK, who conducted the survey to launch the Ecover Blue Mile event, said:

“This study shows the wide range of outdoor activities we like doing and we are in fact a very active country.

“It is encouraging however that so many people get pleasure from a simple walk in the country, which costs nothing.

“We are fortunate enough to live in a country where we are always going to be a fairly short distance from a rural location, which means we can escape when we have had enough of the rat race and the stresses of modern life.”

The study found Facebook was only Brits’ 14th favorite pastime, with bike riding coming close behind.

Despite the bad weather Britain is notorious for, sunbathing also appeared in the list of favoured pursuits.

Two thirds of the 2000 adults that took part in the study said they prefer activities that took them outdoors, with 59% adding that they wish they had more time to indulge in outdoor pursuits.

More than half said they would love to spend more time alfresco but the inclement weather doesn’t allow it.

Sadly, more than three in ten working Brits said they have absolutely no time to venture out for long ambling walks or bike rides, while a rather honest 73% said it’s far too easy to slump in front of the telly.

The study also found:

  • Shockingly, one in ten adults hasn’t been out for a walk in the country for more than TWO YEARS;
  • Two thirds of the adults questioned said the younger generation are guilty of being more interested in Facebook, Twitter and computer games than the great outdoors;
  • An unpretentious 72% said the best pastimes in life were the ones that didn’t cost anything;
  • More than one in 10 said they were more likely to venture outdoors for charity events.

Rachel Bloodworth, a spokesperson for WWF-UK, added:

“We’re asking people to complete a mile on, or near, water anytime this summer in exchange for sponsorship from family and friends.

“And you can do whatever you want for your mile – whether you walk, swim, kayak, row or sail is up to you! All the funds raised from this fantastic event will go to WWF‘s work safeguarding our marine and freshwater habitats in the UK, and around the world.

”We are extremely fortunate to have many of these natural habitats on our doorstep, whether your local lake, river, or beach. So we should make sure to enjoy these habitats as often as possible.”


1.   A long country walk

2.   Reading in the garden

3.   Eating out

4.   Having a pint in a pub

5.   Cooking

6.   Playing computer games

7.   Listening to music

8.   Gardening

9.   Watching football

10.   Watching TV

11.   Surfing the net

12.   Walking the dog

13.   Camping

14.   Facebook

15.   Going for bike ride

16.   Sunbathing

17.   Pottering around the house

18.   Attending the theatre

19.   Car booting

20.   Shopping

21.   Watching films

22.   Cinema

23.   BBQ

24.   Watching movies at home

25.   Playing golf

26.   Playing football in the park

27.   Fishing

28.   Swimming

29.   Hiking

30.   Stroll in the park

31.   Dancing

32.   Drinking

33.   Cycling

34.   Playing cards

35.   Reading Sunday papers in bed

36.   Bird watching

37.   Dating

38.   Board games

39.   Writing poetry

40.   Playing tennis

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